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AFSS can provide commercial electrical inspection & testing services either as part of an AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan which provides a benefit of monthly payments, or as a direct service for a one off payment.

Every commercial electrical installation should be periodically inspected and tested for electrical soundness. These tests will include taking readings throughout the installation, checking the quality and condition of wiring, ensuring the supply has the correct characteristics and will record the results.  When this happens varies depending on the type and use of the property, but should be no more than every five years.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 sets out an employers’ duties to ensure safety of all electrical equipment used at work. This is where PAT, or Portable Appliance testing comes in.  Usually annually, a record of tests is updated, having checked each item of equipment on the register. This can be anything from an extension lead, a kettle, tools used as part of a trade, computer leads, and things such as fridges and microwaves in offices.

Again, this can be included annually as part of a 360 Maintenance Plan at reasonable cost, spread over the year.

Electrical Inspection and Testing from AFSS


The formal name for electrical inspection & testing is an EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report. Beware as companies may offer a “visual inspection” of your electrical systems, which really amount only to a look (often without touching) at those parts of your electrical system which can be seen.

AFSS do NOT offer visual inspections as we feel the value of these is incredibly limited. Every EICR conducted by AFSS is a full test and inspection of the agreed parts of the system, and often all of it.

Proper electrical inspection & testing involves the use of specialist test equipment, and skilled testers who are aware of the British Standard (BS7671), current amendments, expected test outcomes, and what constitutes an installation which meets the standards in the first place. Typically, as a standalone service, this is usually charged for per circuit tested.

Issue of certification upon completion is comprehensive and includes test results tabulated for reference. Deviations, and observations are graded in severity, and are items which should be attended to promptly. Dangerous, or C1 observations may require action as drastic as an immediate switch off of your installation until the defects are resolved. AFSS will always provide advice and do whatever we can during an electrical inspection & testing visit to avoid shut down, and often can make temporary repairs to allow continued use of at least most of the installation.

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Portable Appliance Testing is important, and is often the only way an employer can prove he did his duty in keeping an employee safe whilst at work. Using purpose designed machines, AFSS will test all the portable appliances on your site, record the results, and compile a full register, for reference in future. Each item is also asset tagged and maintained on our central database for ease of future reporting too.

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