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AFSS Ltd can claim experience of over six decades of experience in all aspects of fire safety, and in areas such as fire precautions in the workplace, and Landlord fire safety regulations, AFSS Ltd can justifiably claim to be experts in the field, protecting many businesses and homes of multiple occupation (HMO’s) every day.

We start with a thorough knowledge of UK fire legislation to ensure we provide you with the best and most accurate advice, the best and most appropriate service, and best, the most practical solutions – everything we do is compliant with regulations which are in place to keep your business and staff safe, as well as visitors to your premises.

We provide a full range of services from Fire Risk Assessment and workplace fire safety training and education which helps your staff identify fire extinguisher types and uses, through to design, installation, and maintenance of a full range of fire alarms, emergency lighting, and other equipment.

We are on hand to ensure not only your safety from risk, but also to support you if needed whenever an issue arises regarding your compliance. We work within national and European standards to ensure quality, reliability, and professional results. We are members of the Fire Protection Association for your further assurance.  We look after all aspects your fire safety equipment so you can look after your business without worry.


We believe that not only does it make sense to appoint one company capable of managing the whole spectrum, it’s also essential to avoid gaps and miss important things. It also means responsibility is always clear too.

Our teams are highly trained, and whether we’re dealing with a fire extinguisher, or a complex full of smoke detectors, you’ll find we respond in the same professional way and take the same level of care. We are passionate about your protection, and we never forget that lives may depend on the work we do. We invest in considerable staff training from both manufacturers and wider competence training to ensure we know the fire equipment we work with, and can provide expert advice across the board.

We are a Standards driven company, and we do not rely on any one brand of equipment, preferring to remain flexible and reactive, and able to maintain and manage any equipment we attend. We can competently deal with almost all equipment we will come across.

We always work for you, and that extends to help with regulations too. Should you need us, we are always happy to provide support and advice, whatever the situation and we will help our Maintenance Agreement customers with authority visits and such too.

For Landlords, this can quickly become a messy matter. We are specialists in this area, and look after many HMO properties, seamlessly blending requirement with regulation.


AFSS Ltd operate from offices in London, Sussex and Surrey, with service and sales locations serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, The South West, and the West Midlands allowing us to reach customers across a vast area quickly. We offer fast response, and qualified response to ensure our staff are in the right places at the right times, crucially with the right parts and skills to complete the work you need us to.

Contact us now using the form below or give our friendly team a call about Fire Safety today on either 08453 884711 or on 03330 884711 if you’re calling from a mobile.

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