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Our range of Security systems includes a range of intruder alarms, CCTV systems, Access control and door entry systems which can operate as single systems or can be combined and integrated where more demanding security solutions are needed.

We can offer a choice of traditional wired systems, wireless, and IP based systems across our range of burglar alarms, CCTV Cameras and door controllers. We can combine wired and wire free technologies where required, to ensure no part of your premises is ever out of range, decor never has to be disturbed, and all mess can be kept to a minimum.

We will work with you to establish the perfect solution for your business against both performance and price. We are not tied to any one manufacturer or system and so can choose from the best of technology for the perfect answer.

Using this approach means that while our technicians have a broad range of knowledge across most types of system, they also benefit from training and experience which allows us to make sure we can offer a very high level of first time fix should any fault develop.

We can also take over existing security systems whoever and whenever they were installed. We will advise you on the condition and performance of it, and will make sure you’re fully aware of any issue. Our maintenance agreement provides inspection and access to our service team day and night.


The range of intruder alarms we offer include options such as a choice of finish on keypads, remote controllers, smart phone control and more. They can offer equal coverage for any size of premises, from the smallest to the largest, using both wired and wireless based technology.

We offer CCTV from as low as £599 fitted, which will offer many advanced features including 30 days recording time, remote access for monitoring, and can work equally well day and night.

Access control is all about preventing unauthorised access, but should never hinder those who do have permission to pass. We offer systems which can be fully hands free, or use standard fobs, codes, or cards. Whichever option works better for your business, we will provide a system that copes with the number of users you have now, and which you might have in the future. Our base system is expandable and compatible with larger systems, and can be connected to computers for ease of adding and removing users too.

Door entry is also evolving, and the days of having a handset bolted to your walls are in the past. We offer systems which can use smart phones and tablets as entry phone handsets, and can also connect to computers, laptops, and other digital phone systems – there’s no need to have to go to one fixed place to answer the door any longer – in fact, you don’t even need to be there to answer it now.

Security systems are ultimately only ever as good as the maintenance and service care they get. We understand this and offer prevantative maintenance and reactive services designed to maximise the life of your equipment, in line with both manufacturer recommendations and with current British or European Standards. Our Maintenance Agreement can cover all fire and security systems, and can also easily extend to provide cover fire safety products and services, and electrical safety testing services too.

No matter who originally installed your security or alarm systems we can maintain and care for them. We can take over maintenance of any existing systems and can appraise them, giving you a realistic expectation of life left and the optimum time to upgrade them to give compliance with current legislation and standards, as well as the latest features and technology.


AFSS Ltd operate from our offices in London, Sussex and Surrey with service and sales locations serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, The South West, and the West Midlands allowing us to reach customers across a vast area quickly. We offer fast response, and qualified response to ensure our staff are in the right places at the right times, crucially with the right parts and skills to complete the work you need us to.

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