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Fire and Security Alarm Systems are just the Beginning…

Fire and Security Design Solutions

Most new fire and security systems start with design, and our team have many years experience in this. Design often starts with drawings or a visit to site, which we will carry out free of obligation or charge.

We design with reference to British and European Standards, as well as your budget, to ensure the optimum solution for your requirements. We will select the best equipment from the widest choice of manufacturers as we are not tied to any one make, though we have excellent relationships with most.

Installation of Fire and Security Systems

We can install every type of fire and security from the smallest of fire alarm to the largest of CCTV System and we do so with the same care and attention to detail shown in our design proposal and equipment selection.

Our teams know their jobs and will take care to plan, execute and complete in the best way, with the minimum of disruption. We will work with you at all stages to ensure the installation stage of every project is as painless as possible, and that you are happy with the completed result.

Commissioning Fire and Security Alarm Systems

Once installed, our teams will ensure that the system is tested from all angles and does exactly what you need it to. We will put if fully through its paces, having programmed all required parameters and recorded the details of the system as installed.

We keep full copies and documentation for all fire and security systems we install, and these will always be available to you. At this point we also issue commissioning and installation certificates so you can be assured of compliance with required standards.

Fire and Security Maintenance and Service

Our service doesn’t stop once we have installed your fire and security systems. We offer a full maintenance service too, which not only can provide routine inspections as dictated by regulations and standards, but also provides reactive service for issues which arise between visits.

Our after care team are also expert in taking over the maintenance and service of existing systems which have been installed by other companies. Unlike many others, we do not charge additional sums to “take over” – you’ll pay the same as our existing customers, and only pay for any work needed to bring your systems up to current required standards.