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AFSS Ltd – Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It

We spend a lot of time telling people about things like fire safety and how to keep your building secure. But, what do you really know about AFSS Ltd, compared with your current provider of fire, security, and electrical services?

We felt it was about time that we introduced ourselves, told you a little about us, and why we do what we do.

AFSS Ltd – A (Very short) History

Once upon a long ago – well, in 2008 to be exact, the Directors of what is now AFSS Ltd felt that there was a different way of doing things. For so long, and through a number of other companies, both felt that the focus was on the wrong things. Tired of being hauled over the coals for missed “numbers” and falling revenues (remember 2008 – recession?) – we felt that there would be a need for businesses to be able to continue to comply with fire safety legislation, keep security forefront, and ensure electrical safety at lower cost than they’d been used to.

And so, we began. We began with modest success, and as customers from all kinds of businesses realised how much they could save, how much more they could get from us for each pound spent, we began to see we had been right.

AFSS Ltd | Always Ready Fire & Security

AFSS Ltd today

Whilst the last eight years… have not been without challenge and drama, pitfall and mountain, we can say for certain that today we are a strong and dynamic business, which offers the very best fire, security, and electrical services possible. And we do that more effectively than any other company today.

We have AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan, for example – a service which offers far more and costs less than other maintenance agreements.

We have access to equipment that few other companies can – take a look at our PAFSS Approval and see how we can protect and contain fire at far lower cost than traditional solutions can.

But we also have something special that no other company can, or will have. Our people. Led by Bill and Tony, the company employs only the most dedicated team to carry out expert professional work for our customers. Our teams are well trained, regularly updated, and always correctly equipped to deal with your work, no matter what you ask of us.

You’ll also recognise us at a glance in our smart clobber – everyone wears our distinctive maroon top, with our logo clearly displayed. Whichever one of us you ask, you’ll get a knowledgeable answer, courtesy, and a smile. Those things are free, yet priceless.

About AFSS Ltd Services

You’ll find, when you engage us, that we’re a friendly and helpful bunch – we offer a full range of fire safety services from Fire Risk Assessment right through to advanced technical solutions and we do the same with security systems too from initial risk assessment and recommendation through whole life servicing and upgrades. Our electrical services include maintenance and management of your data networks, electrical testing and inspection, and more.

We’re always looking to add value to what we do, and to stay true to one of our founding aims – that you’ll only need one number to fix it. That number is 08453 884711.

Whatever it is that first interests you about us, contact us and we’ll do our best to show you why hundreds of customers have stayed with AFSS Ltd over the last eight years. We’d love it if you were one of the hundreds who will choose to stay with us for the next eight, and beyond.


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