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Alarm Maintenance Company for Fire and Security Systems

Alarm Maintenance Company | AFSS Ltd

Alarm Maintenance Company service can be had from almost any company in our industry. And that’s a good thing, because fire alarm systems must be maintained in accordance with the British Standard in order for them to remain compliant. It’s true of all fire safety equipment.  Security systems of all types also benefit from maintenance for much the same reasons.

What’s so Good About AFSS Alarm Company Maintenance for Businesses?

We could mention the fact that our Switch and Save scheme can make your maintenance cheaper, or we could tell you that you can pay monthly for it. We could talk about our higher standards, and the extra distance we go on every visit.

There are other benefits too, however. For example, we do not stop just at servicing your fire and security systems.

When we designed our AFSS Alarm Systems Maintenance for Fire and Security Systems, we looked at what other Alarm Maintenance Company contracts were offered, what our customers wanted, and we found there were a number of things that business pays for over and above maintenance – often having to look to other companies to secure that service or item. So, we set out to provide what we were told was really wanted.

Unlike most maintenance agreements from other companies, your maintenance with AFSS Ltd can include:

  • Fire Alarm
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Nurse/Warden Call
  • Disabled Refuge
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control
  • Door Entry
  • Intruder Alarms

But that’s far from all. Within the same agreement, which as we mentioned can be paid for on a monthly basis, we can also deliver:

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • PAT Testing
  • EICR Testing
  • Fire Safety Training

Allowing your business to spread the cost of compliance over the same twelve-month period as your core alarm systems maintenance service too.  But even that isn’t all. Our agreement with you includes a commitment to charge less, so we offer our contract customers far better rates for labour and parts too – typically 30-40% less than for non-agreement customers.

On average over a year, we are around 15-20% cheaper than your current provider. We’re not 15-20% lower in service quality. We’re better.

Switch and Save on Your Current Alarm Maintenance Company Today

We think you’ll see the benefit right away for your business. Compare what we offer and provide next to your current company and see for yourself. Nobody offers more in one agreement.

Contact us today about your business alarm systems maintenance using our form on site, or give our friendly team a call on 08453 884711 and if you’re calling from a mobile use 03330 884711.


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