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I was asked today if a CCTV Installation was still an effective deterrent against crime, or indeed, any real use at all. By default, my answer is yes, of course it is worth it always. The benefits of having “eyes” on areas where it might not otherwise be easy or possible, constant attention that never sleeps, and even just the presence of CCTV cameras has an impact on criminal behaviour.

But it did get me thinking – is it really that simple? Is that true in every single CCTV System scenario?  A more informed answer is that it depends upon what it is that you’re trying to achieve with CCTV.

It is true that a CCTV Installation will have many benefits, including increased ability to observe areas without the expense of additional staff, increased security, being able to refer back to footage after the event, and even remote surveillance through smartphones and over the internet.

But, for all those benefits, there is often a great deal of disappointment, frustration, and expense too. Why?

CCTV Installation – Fit for Purpose, Not Any Purpose

CCTV Installation cost is always a factor, because that immediately brings me to something I consider to be THE absolute priority in respect of any CCTV system.  There is a BIG world of difference between any “CCTV” and that which is fit for purpose.

With a mass of CCTV systems equipment available to the public in places such as B&Q, Maplin, and everywhere on the internet, people fail to realise that paying £20 for a CCTV camera means you will inevitably get the quality suggested by that.

You would not buy a £1 torch and expect it to provide the same light as a £30 floodlight.  Purpose is key. Nowhere is this more evident than in CCTV.

So much of a CCTV system is perception – it is so often judged fully on the picture one sees on the monitor for the system. If that’s junk, then the system is junk.  After all, who wants to spend time looking at grainy, washed out images of someone that “could” be your Auntie out shopping?

It absolutely makes sense to consider that a £500 system is probably going to give £500 performance – and just the way you don’t expect to get Ferrari performance out of your Ford Mondeo, why expect it from your budget CCTV cameras?  “You get exactly what you pay for.”

Advantages to having a professional CCTV installation:

  • If something goes wrong, a professional installer will be there, backing the CCTV equipment up with service and maintenance. We offer AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan.
  • The installer will know about the Data Protection Act, and will keep the design of your CCTV installation legal even in the face of recent changes to this law.
  • Better quality images (Picture yourself or a colleague standing in front of a court and trying to convince them that the blurry, almost visible image is identifiable as the person in the dock)

A properly installed and professionally designed CCTV installation will perhaps be more expensive, but it is an investment that often pays itself off very quickly.

CCTV Installation Design

Here at AFSS we will identify what your expectations and requirements truly are, and select from a range of quality, fit for purpose, equipment to build a system meeting those needs specifically.

Rather than just using bulk general cameras and lenses, “computer” monitors, and using sub-standard cables, we use professional, quality materials which are designed to perform, and to give evidential quality results, whatever the conditions of operation.

We will talk with you about what you expect to see, the purpose of your CCTV Installation, Data Protection and the Law, and how to achieve your requirements within your budget.

Call us at AFSS on 08453 884711 or from mobile on 03330 884711. Alternatively use our easy contact page – we are happy to provide advice and free CCTV Installation quotations for your business.


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