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Croydon Fire Risk Assessment

Croydon Fire Risk Assessment Service

Croydon Fire Risk Assessment services are now easily obtained, along with all other aspects of not just fire safety, but security systems and electrical maintenance too. Covering Croydon as part of both Surrey and the London area, AFSS are well placed with a local service branch in the heart of the town.

Every business in Croydon is legally obliged to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment as part of their responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order. How this is done can vary from business to business, and depends on the size, function, and number of employees, among other factors.

A key factor of any fire risk assessment, whether in Croydon or anywhere else in England and Wales, is that it must be suitable, and sufficient.  This is why it pays to use an expert professional service, based locally, and able to offer help and support when needed, quickly.

Croydon Fire Risk Assessment and Beyond

In a growth area like Croydon, it is essential that fire safety is taken seriously, and the fire service certainly do. So should you. Professional Fire Risk Assessment is carried out against PAS 79 and this allows a consistent, and objective basis from which to assess the risk from fire properly, and accurately.

Many things have to be considered in order to arrive at a proper assessment of the risk faced by a business, and in order for the assessment to be suitable and sufficient, reference must be made to other documents, such as Building Regulations, or BS9999.

At AFSS, we can offer Croydon Fire Risk Assessment as a standalone service, or as part of our 360 Plan which also provides maintenance and inspection across fire, security and electrical systems. It makes sense to use a company with quality and pedigree, and one who can offer a complete range of services under one roof.  AFSS is a local company, based in Croydon, and with offices in Sussex, Kent, and a presence across the UK.  Contact us today using our contact page.


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