Fire Alarm Maintenance | AFSS Ltd


Fire Alarm Maintenance is something your business requires for a number of reasons if you have a fire alarm system. That system will not comply with the British Standard requirements if no maintenance agreement is in place – at least if no competent servicing or maintenance is in place.

It follows, of course, that if you do not have fire alarm maintenance in place, then your business will also find that it’s Fire Risk assessment will highlight it as a failing, and could leave you open to prosecution, or enforcement by the fire service.

There are also sound economic reasons to keep your fire alarm system serviced too – statistics show that regularly maintained systems break down less, cost less to run over their lifetime, produce fewer false alarms, and will generally last longer too.

Whichever reason is most important to you, fire alarm maintenance makes a lot of sense when carried out by professionals, used to dealing with all types of systems, up to date with current regulations and rules, and capable of getting the most from your installation at lowest cost.


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