Expert Fire Alarm Servicing from AFSS

Expert Fire Alarm Servicing in London

Having Expert Fire alarm Servicing and maintenance is not only important, but is also often a legally required part of compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

This is because continued compliance with the British Standard for fire alarms is dependent upon periodic and qualified maintenance by a competent person.

There are a number of tests for determining what counts as “qualified”, or “competent” and of course, maintenance testing must also be evidenced.

The simplest and surest way of making sure you continue to comply with your legal requirement is by using a company such as AFSS Ltd for your alarm maintenance and servicing in London, and in other areas of the South East.

Expert Fire Alarm Servicing in Sussex

AFSS provides expert fire alarm servicing in an area which includes East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Kent, in addition to London.We are increasing our coverage all the time, and can now also cover Hampshire and Essex.

Within this area we offer an unbeatable expert fire alarm maintenance package which is an integral part of our Fire and Security Plan and is designed to offer routine inspection on a frequency which suits your property and system, includes a full assessment on every visit to ensure the system still complies with standards, works properly, and is suited to the building design and use.

Every expert fire alarm maintenance carried out by AFSS Ltd is based on a clearly written agreement, and can be paid for monthly, by Direct Debit.

Each visit we complete is written up, and copies are both given to you, and retained for future use if needed by us.

We will also provide a clear report of any work needed, and a firm quotation so you know exactly what’s needed should anything ever be required, and what the implications are.

Expert Fire Alarm Servicing in Surrey and Beyond

AFSS Ltd make the process of obtaining expert fire alarm maintenance as easy as possible. We give you a firm cost for Fire & Security Compliance Plan simply by visiting our maintenance page or you can talk to us us easily over the phone on 08453 884711, or by using our easy contact page.

Expert Fire alarm maintenance in London, East Sussex, Surrey, West Sussex, or Kent is essential. Get the fire safety experts in today.


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