Fire Alarm Installers in London and Brighton


Finding reputable fire safety installation teams in London and Brighton can be a daunting task. On the face of it, every company seems to be the same, or not quite enough. So what makes a good fire alarm installation company?

AFSS Ltd are fire alarm installers in London and Brighton, covering areas such as Crawley, Croydon, Bromley, as well as the heart of London and all other parts of Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent.

Of course, we don’t just install fire alarms but can also design and install a full range of extinguishers, emergency lighting, safety signs, and can also offer security and electrical services too.

A good way of telling if a company is a good fire alarm installation company is to look at previous work in case studies and testimonials for previous work done. This will highlight the quality of work done and the satisfaction of existing customers.

Other areas to look at include certifications and approvals – AFSS Ltd are members of the Fire Protection Association, are Safecontractor Approved, work closely with many manufacturers and are registered by many too, and forge relationships with other bodies such as Chambers of Commerce, who give you a route to ensure complaints can be dealt with fairly and ethically should they ever arise.

Companies such as AFSS Ltd are always reviewing accreditation and memberships to ensure the correct balance between proving quality and ability and cost to our customers.

A key area we never take chances on is training of our fire alarm installers in London and Brighton. We invest considerably in both industry and in-house training to ensure staff know the latest rules and regulations, work to best practice, and advise you professionally about your fire safety.

We never sell off the shelf kits, in the hope it will work, but treat every single case individually, making sure you have the systems you need, which are reliable and cost effective.


We take pride in everything we do and our customers stay with us year after year. We never sell a system and disappear, but will always be there to help deal with all aspect of your fire safety. We are not just fire alarm installers in London and Brighton, but also offer maintenance and service through our amazing AFSS Fire and Security Maintenance Plan, designed to make sure your fire and security systems stay working for years, and to make sure everything you need is in one place.

AFSS Ltd offer a wide range of fire safety, security systems, and electrical services, all in one place, through one number, to make sure your business stays safe, open, and compliant. Everything we do is based around your safety and security.

Starting as low as £19.95 a month, it’s a service you cannot afford not to have even if we did not originally install your systems.

We are fire alarm installers in London and Brighton who offer both wired and wireless fire alarms, which are always designed to your precise requirements and budget.


AFSS are always available 24 hours a day to help with any fire safety, security system, or electrical matter. You can call us on 08453 884711 or from a mobile on 03330 884711. Alternatively, you can use our easy contact form on the page to talk to us. Contact us today if you need reputable quality fire alarm installers in London and Brighton.


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