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Fire extinguisher servicing is a required part of compliance with the British Standard. It is also required that regular servicing is carried out for compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005.

While extinguishers appear to be very simple devices, and in most cases technically are simple, there is more to maintaining and servicing a fire extinguisher than people believe. For example, knowing which extinguishing media should be in place, it’s composition, and suitability. Knowing that the pressure gauge is accurate, knowing how to ensure the lining of the unit hasn’t compromised its ability to operate, and that tensions are correct between the unit and hose or horn.

There are rules to follow in respect of how a fire extinguisher is serviced depending upon its age, and rules to follow regarding disposal of depleted media.

There are countless tales and news articles about incorrect servicing too, and these show how easy it is to get it wrong, and how shortcuts can cost lives.


Choosing the right company isn’t simply a matter of picking the cheapest, though even the cheapest should provide a minimum level of service.

The right fire extinguisher servicing company will maintain each unit in accordance with British Standards, and should provide other features within the service, such as what is included as part of a maintenance agreement – many companies will charge extra for new seals and pins, for example, while a reputable company will include these as part the cost, as AFSS do. We also ensure you know in advance how much a refill or recharge will cost, and how much it costs to replace extinguishers where required.

Basic confirmation that your extinguishers are compliant and inspected can be easily identified through simple information on the inspection label, and the detail on the report left by the technician should identify the type of test, weight, and condition as well as the age of the equipment.

Visually, of course, the unit should look clean, and show no more than very minor signs of corrosion.  The test label on the unit should also indicate that maintenance has been carried out and by whom.

Fire Extinguisher maintenance carried out by AFSS Ltd will always be in accordance with British Standard 5306-3:2009, and will be accompanied by a written report, as well as replacement or update of record labels on the unit itself.

We remove from service any unit we find to be unusable for any reason, because this is a requirement placed upon us, and is for your safety to prevent attempted use of a faulty extinguisher. We can remove them from site and supply properly commissioned replacement extinguishers at your current AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan costs.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing by Professionals

Each fire extinguisher on your property must be serviced annually for continued compliance, and a check carried out to ensure they are correctly placed, with the correct media (extinguishing agent), and that you have the correct quantity of them for the building size and layout.

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