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Fire Safety Compliance Services

Fire Safety Compliance is the law for practically every UK business. Failure to comply with the regulations can leave you facing closure, fines, or even imprisonment. The burden of proof is on you to show you have met your compliance requirements.

How do you know you’ve done enough to meet those requirements?

It can be difficult, especially when the regulations talk about things like “suitable and sufficient”, and wrap themselves in grey terms.

It is unlikely that your business is one which is expert in fire safety either. So, there are a number of choices. You could train someone to understand the fire safety compliance regulations, or you could take a stab at it yourself with the help of Google Search. You could also engage with any number of companies offering some part of the services you need.

But will you really know you’re compliant?

Most “fire” companies in the UK do not offer a full fire safety compliance service. They tend to offer one aspect which they will do well enough. It may be that they can cover the rest in some disjointed way, such as through other contractors, or “specialist” consultants.

Few can provide a full service, and even fewer offer a complete package, which covers all of your Fire Safety Compliance needs in one easy plan, paid monthly by Direct Debit.

Fire Safety Compliance Elements

Within the legislation, which centres on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, you are required to have a number of things in place.

You must have a Fire Risk Assessment which is both suitable and sufficient, and in date. If you employ fewer than five people, this need not be written down, though we feel it better to, as it eases the burden of proof we talked about above.

Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed usually annually, and in any case after any fire safety incident, outbreak of fire, or change in the building layout, occupancy, or structure.

If you have fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, or a fire alarm, which your Risk Assessment will help you identify a need for, then these must be maintained periodically by a competent person – this is a person or body who can prove competence to do that maintenance work. Again, this should be evidenced too, for reasons of proof.

The legislation also states, particularly in respect of fire extinguishers, that where in use, fire safety training should be given to staff, and kept up to date. Again, this should be documented for proof.

These are the key areas any Fire Officer will look at either during an inspection, or should the worst have happened and a fire has broken out.

We are the only company in the UK to offer all of these fire safety compliance features as part of our 360 Plan which can include a full compliance based service.

  • We provide PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment, which provides a written Assessment, and Action Plan
  • We provide routine maintenance and inspection for Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishers, and emergency lighting
  • We provide safety signage requirements
  • We provide Fire Safety Training
  • Log Book supply and completion
  • Full Written Certification
  • 24/7 advice and support by phone, including help to deal with Fire Services

We can also include cover for other fire safety equipment too, such as Nurse Call and Disabled Refuge, as well as more advanced Vesda or HSSD systems, and Fixed Gas Suppression systems.

Best of all, Fire Safety Compliance can be achieved on a monthly cost basis, paid by Direct Debit. No more expensive and unexpected bills for routine matters.

Our unique 360 Plan is available to all businesses, and is tailored to your requirements. Covering an area which includes East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, Hampshire and Essex, we can also cover customers further afield too.

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