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Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training is a legal obligation on the part of employers to their staff. Specifically, training should be given to new staff within the induction phase of employment, or as close to it as is practical. A refresher course should then be completed annually at the very least, and more often in larger buildings, where many staff are employed.

Carried out In-house, this should include the awareness of fire assembly points, the position of fire alarm call points and how to operate them, escape routes, and the purpose of fire doors.

Other training should include the safe use of fire extinguishers, where installed, as to say “they’re not expected to use them” is not an acceptable defence in law.

Fire Safety Training for Staff | AFSS Ltd

Fire Safety Training from AFSS Fire

At AFSS Fire, our training team develop programmes and delivery for many customers. We also offer convenient package courses for delivery in your offices, which can comprise training for up to eight staff at a time.

Fire Safety Training can be arranged around the safe use of fire extinguishers for most staff, or can be aimed at fire marshals, wardens, and can also include delivery of your own fire safety planning as outlined above.

Our Warden/Marshal training typically delivers over and above basic fire safety, specific responsibilities, implementation of an evacuation plan, and proper recording procedures to be followed in the event of evacuation.

Fire Safety Training at the staff level is generally two to three hours in duration, and is both certificated and recorded for audit purposes – we keep copies of all certification and logs to ensure you’ll always be able to prove delivery of the training.

Typically, cost when delivered in your premises (including demonstration and use of training extinguishers) is from as little as £45 per person when booked in groups of up to eight. Where we can run more than one course in a day, we will pass on savings in cost back to you.

Fire Safety Training | AFSS

Fire Safety Training – How to Book

Fire Safety Training is available from AFSS Fire in two ways. It can be included for up to eight staff in AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan at GREEN Level or you can book for a tailored training session to suit your specific needs on a one off basis each time you need us.

Booking our training team is just a matter of calling us on 08453 884711 or from mobile on 03330 884711. Alternatively, use the form on our contact page. We can have your session booked in no time, and delivery of Fire Safety Training can be arranged to suit your staff and your work flow.

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AFSS Ltd operate from our Head Office in Brighton and regional offices in Croydon with service and sales locations serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, The South West, and the West Midlands allowing us to reach customers across a vast area quickly. We offer fast response, and qualified response to ensure our staff are in the right places at the right times, crucially with the right parts and skills to complete the work you need us to.

Contact AFSS now using our easy forms on site or give our friendly team a call about Fire Safety Training Services on either 08453 884711 or on 03330 884711 if you’re calling from a mobile.