Hacking CCTV Systems – Don’t be Spied On



CCTV Systems are increasingly internet enabled to allow observation anywhere you have a connection. Unfortunately, it has also allowed a significant increase in hacking CCTV Systems by unauthorised parties, without much difficulty at all.

In today’s connected world where almost everyone has an internet connection at home and at work, there is a natural tendency to allow access to CCTV Systems, and increasingly “IP” type cameras via the net. Webcams are by default internet enabled, and so are items such as baby monitors.

This offers, on the face of it, many advantages – you can view live footage from your CCTV anywhere you happen to be, as even a smart phone will be enough to access the system.  You can check on the Nanny and children whilst out, see what staff are up to from home, and many other easy applications too. However, anything you can access, others probably can too, with nothing more than a computer and a browser. Hacking CCTV Systems is a reality, often made simple by ignorance.

The major problem is that most hacking is easily achieved because the default user names and passwords are never changed. Very often too, these systems are all left on the default IP address, which is all any hacker would need to gain access and control of your devices.

The news has recently been reported that a website in Russia is now broadcasting footage from hundreds of UK CCTV Systems, maybe even yours, which show offices, shops, living rooms, home life, and more – and which includes information right down to your post code. This is available to anyone for the cost of a Latte.

This applies not just for CCTV Systems hacking, but for systems installed in all types of business too with commercially sensitive information being revealed, and occupancy levels shown (an empty building is an easy target for burglary).


AFSS Ltd prevent CCTV Systems hacking with a few simple steps. By changing some of the basic information, your systems become much harder to find, and hence hack. Our maintenance team will always check security logs for exactly these kinds of attempted hacks when you have a maintenance agreement with us.

We use tools to ensure that your CCTV Systems are not geographically exposed, do not have easily breakable passwords, and do not expose more than is necessary to allow secure access by authorised users only.

AFSS apply firmware updates when available on each maintenance visit, to ensure you have the best possible chance of closing any loops. We make sure firewalls and other software which could allow CCTV Systems hacking are up to date too, including any router on the system.

The other primary thing we do is to ensure that however connected your system is, it complies with the Data Protection Act, which assures that your cameras are not looking at compromising images, where possible, and if they are, we can apply extra methods to reduce the chances of CCTV Systems hacking.


AFSS Ltd are CCTV Camera System experts based in East Sussex and covering the whole of the South East including Surrey, London, Kent and West Sussex. We cover the remainder of the UK too.

We are on hand to help with new CCTV Systems and existing ones. If you’re concerned about your systems – simply call us today on 08453 884711 or from your mobile on 03330 884711. Complete our easy contact form to ensure the safety of your CCTV Systems.

We can easily arrange to put you on our AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of CCTV Systems Hacking prevention and more.


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