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London Fire Risk Assessment

Any number of factors combine to make London fire risk assessment a more complex and involved process than almost any other part of the UK. This because of proximity of other buildings, the volume of people, the nature of the city and its unique characteristics, but also due to certain legislation and rules too.

London Fire Risk Assessment is a qualified and specialist fire safety task which is best left to those with the training and skills to understand fire risk in such areas when faced with older buildings, taller, more densely packed, and so often multiple use too.

Assessment of the risk should always include consideration of external influences, as well as those directly within the premises, to ensure a rounded, suitable and sufficient assessment is achieved, which accurately reflects the risks faced by the business, occupants, or other incumbents, and which highlights the steps both already taken and still to be taken to reduce risk as far as possible.

This can rarely be done from template software, or “DIY” fire risk assessment templates. It simply isn’t worth taking the chance on standard or free, often inadequate, templates found on the internet – after all, how will you know it is even asking you the right questions, or about the qualification of the author to understand the risk?

London Fire Risk Assessment, as with anywhere in the UK, is about your legal responsibility to understand and reduce the risk faced from fire, and to take the required steps to minimise that risk.  The person who wrote the template you used does not share in that risk, and very probably did not even warrant the suitability of the template for your needs.

The big difference when using a professional company such as AFSS is that we DO share the risk with you. In using our services, you have a reasonable (legal) entitlement to rely on our advice and services. This protects you legally as you took reasonable steps to meet your legal obligations by employing us to help you comply with the fire safety legislation. We also have expert knowledge of fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers unlike so many “consultant” assessors.

London Fire Risk Assessment by People that Care

With a combined eighty years of experience in UK fire safety, AFSS understand every aspect of our field, and we keep up to date with legislation, best practice, and with technologies to help too. We have completed thousands of London Fire Risk Assessments, and we carry out annual reviews for the vast majority of our customers often as part of their AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan.

Our service considers all aspects of fire safety, using qualified professional staff to examine, then respond to each particular issue, arriving at an assessed situation with a full action plan tailored to meet your specific situation. Our recommendations can be quoted in-house easily where needed and we will ensure you remain safe, operational, and onside with your fire authority.

AFSS work to the PAS 79 guide standard, ensuring a consistent and unbiased approach to the work, providing a written report for you, which is additionally retained by us for a minimum period of ten years which will help of you ever need to prove compliance in the future.

Our prices for London Fire Risk Assessment start from only £99.00 plus VAT if paid separately, or as part of our AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan allowing you to add it to your monthly payments to spread cost.  We’re happy to offer custom pricing for multiple properties too.

London Fire Risk Assessment is easy to arrange

Contacting AFSS is easy – simply call us on 08453 884711, or use our mobile friendly number on 03330 884711. Alternatively complete our easy contact form. We’ll arrange your London Fire Risk Assessment quickly.


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