PAFSS Approved Installer Status Achieved

PAFSS Approved Installers – AFSS Join an Elite Few

Today, we are pleased to announce that AFSS Ltd have become one of a select group of PAFSS Approved Installers – which is a Pneumatically Activated Suppression System specially designed and proven to work in IT rooms, electrical enclosures, in machine rooms, and even in plant and large vehicle engine bays.

PAFSS Approved Installers are uniquely tested and trained specifically to fit a PAFSS system the correct way, which provides a very effective suppression system at much lower cost than traditional gas suppression or sprinkler systems. We also receive a high level of training and support.

PAFSS Can reach places that other extinguishing systems just cannot, and it’s flexible too. Read our Main PAFSS Page.

PAFSS Fast Fixed Fire Suppression | AFSS Ltd

How Does a PAFSS Approved System Work?

PAFSS works by directing the extinguishing agent right to the point of the fire through the use of clever “detecting” pipe, which is sensitive to heat, yet hard enough to withstand the environments they’re in. Once fire is detected by the heat pipe, the extinguishing agent is released either directly along the heat pipe to the point of fire, or indirectly through high quality stainless steel pipe and nozzles. In both cases, it’s far faster acting, and far more focused than a traditional “fill the room with gas suppression” approach.

It also means that things like room integrity testing is no longer required, as there is no need – providing even more saving. Unlike typical Gas Suppression, no secondary monitoring system is required either, though it’s an easy matter to for us to link to your fire alarm system so you know it’s activated, and there has been a fire.

How Do you Get a PAFSS Approved System Installed?

Call us. Call on 08453 884711 or if you’re using your mobile, on 03330 884711. You can email us or send a message via our contact form too. We can send you a brochure, or we can come to see you to measure up and provide a precise quotation for your application. AFSS are Approved PAFSS Installers, and we’re waiting for your call.


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