Retail Security Systems (don’t have to) Compromise Sales

Retail Security Systems Challenges

The difficulty with retail security systems in today’s shop environments, especially those not involving high volume, low cost items, such as clothing or DVD boxes, is one which has faced shop owners for a long time now.

The basic problem, of course, is that if a customer cannot pick up an items and get the feel of it, touch it, and bond some desire to it, no sale will take place, and all the shop keeper really has, is an expensive stock asset, and an empty bank account.

While Electronic article surveillance is a fairly mature market, and easily available, it isn’t always the best of retail security systems available. The item may be “out of the door” by the time the alarm triggers, and staff are then at risk of wrongful detention, or worse.  It may be preferable to allow a degree of movement, but not to the extent of big bars by the door, scanning exits and effectively putting your retail security systems above good sales.

A recent survey by the Office of National Statistics shows that between July 14 and June 17, there were over 330,000 reported shoplifting cases – just shoplifting, not other kinds of crime. That’s over 900 every day of the year.

Retail Security Systems Almost Reinvented

Having considered retail security systems in detail for a national customer, who needed to protect high value items. These were items which needed some freedom of examination, yet were potentially small enough to conceal, and could not be in any way permanently marked as this would devalue the items.  AFSS came up with a brilliant solution, and achieved a reduction in theft from the shop floor of almost 100% within a week of the first AFSS Retail Security Systems being installed.

Rather than reinvent the wheel several times over, we considered how best to tackle the various issues thrown up.  By combining the best features of currently available technology we were able to achieve three distinct security advantages from two traditionally separate retail security systems.

The specification of our equipment allowed us to offer an integrated system that not only protected the stock without marking it, but generated a local alarm sounder, alerting staff to the movement of the item.  It then also triggered a camera in the area, allowing real time recording of the event, as well as activating the cameras along the exit route to the door.

In “normal mode”, the CCTV part of the retail security systems and will record when needed, permanently in time lapse mode, or on scheduled recording times.  Out of hours, with the addition of some additional detection, the system is a fully functional, fully featured intruder alarm system.

Other advantages of our retail security solution included the ability to switch protected stock items, to re-use the “tagging”, and the ability to relocate stock easily, without worrying about wiring.

Retail Security Systems Experts

Because of the way in which our retail security systems solution is integrated, there is always video evidence backing up the event, allowing a proper determination of accident or intent.  Where intent was likely, a prosecution can be brought with the assurance of video evidence in place, resulting in a more successful outcome.

Our retail security systems are scalable, and will work equally well in small units, or very large ones, even across different sales floors. Contact AFSS today on 08453 884711 or from a mobile on 03330 884711, or use our easy contact page.



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