Retail Security Systems Effective?

Retail Security Effective?

Retail Security – Does Technology Help?

Today’s Retail Security battle against crime such as shoplifting and burglary is sophisticated, and only getting more so in the current climate of economic hardship and belt tightening. Nor is it simply the “usual suspects” any longer committing crimes like shoplifting, as statistics show that one of the biggest growths in offenders are in the 60+ age group.

Increasingly, threats no longer come through the front door, but are often launched online too.

Retail security systems fall into three broad categories – asset protection, intruder detection, and surveillance.

Typically, the first will be aimed at reducing shoplifting and stock pilfering, or “shrinkage”.  The second will provide a level of cover against burglary or theft out of hours, and the last, whilst a good deterrent, is about identifying the people trying to commit crime of any type against your business.

Retail Security Enhanced with Technology

The reality is that all three technologies need to work together, hand in hand with an effective security staff.

Asset protection is favoured for low value, high turnover items, which are typically small and easy to conceal. It also has a role in so called “big ticket” items. Most traditional Asset protection or EAS systems will work in one of two ways – for small items a tag will be used, which if not removed before leaving the shop, an alarm is activated, and for larger items, usually a “loop” alarm is used, which limits movement of the device prior to purchase.

While these have benefits, prolific offenders will be well aware of how to defeat most current EAS tagging. More and more, the “hard-core” of the fraternity are also coming to understand how to track the movement of typical CCTV cameras, and where blind spots may lie.

Companies such as AFSS can offer retail security solutions which combine traditional elements and provide a greater range of protection than solely relying on prescribed methods. For example, we can integrate asset protection into a combined system which can also help control CCTV cameras, enabling technology to secure the conviction, while store detective staff concentrate on catching the offender.

AFSS have a range of CCTV systems which offer benefits during the day when a shop is open, providing high resolution (HD), IP, and covert cameras which can ensure fast tracking with a skilled operator, or can tour on their own. These will also provide night time benefits thanks to an ability to operate in high resolution monochrome mode during low light conditions, so can secure evidence of burglary theft too.

Our series of intruder alarm systems will work in tandem with CCTV or as standalone units, allowing the deterrent of an alarm, the confidence of key-holders or police being summoned, and when used in conjunction with our CCTV systems can ensure evidential quality video for identification and conviction of offenders.

Retail Security Support System

Retail Security is now essential as even small shops and units have experienced growing issues with petty crime, and it is probable that most now have some kind of security in place.

AFSS can help both with maintenance of all security systems and with installation of new equipment where needed. Simply call or contact us here.


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