Smoke Detector Checks at Christmas (and other times)

Smoke Detector Checks at Christmas

Smoke Detector Checks and Alarms

Christmas is now almost upon us. Most people are thinking about presents, holiday, food, festivity and such. Almost nobody will be thinking about smoke detector checks, whether home smoke alarms, or those in your fire alarm system at work.

However, there is an irony in this. Traditionally, Christmas is a time when there is an increased risk from fire both at home and in the work world. Decorations are put up, fairy lights turned on, extra packaging and rubbish fill the place, cooking increases.  All of these are fire risks in some sense.

It makes perfect sense to spare just a few moments to be fire aware, and to check your home smoke detector, or have the office fire alarm tested.

Home Smoke Detector Checks

Testing your alarm is very simple.  There will be a button marked “test” present on all approved devices, which simply needs to be pressed. This will sound the smoke detector, and show you it is working.

Another tip – replace the battery inside if you haven’t for some time. Home smoke alarms will either be fully battery operated, or will be mains operated with a “back up” battery fitted. In both cases these are usually of the PP3 “9 Volt” type. It’s worth fitting a good quality battery. Test each alarm you have fitted in your house.

If you don’t have any at home already, then they’re easy to fit, and can save lives. Simply fitting one in your downstairs hallway and upstairs landing could mean the difference between life and death.

Companies such as ours can supply and fit good quality smoke alarms at reasonable cost, or as part of a security system.

Commercial Smoke Detectors and Alarms

AFSS Ltd offer industry leading maintenance agreements. These ensure your systems are always checked, tested, and working. We visit a number of times over the year to ensure that the system is working properly, that smoke detector checks are completed and they work as they should, and that your system complies and keeps you safe.

Our service is available all year round, day and night. You can contact AFSS using our contact form or by calling our numbers above. Ensure this Christmas is safe – do your smoke detector checks now.


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