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What are AFSS Fire Extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are generally self-contained canisters which contain a specific type of media, such as powder, water, or foam, and which are placed around a building ready to be used to tackle any fire which may start.

Usually, they will be red in colour, or will have a stainless steel appearance. They should always indicate what is in them, and they should be protected against accidental use by means of a pin and a tag.

Most often, you will find them either on a purpose made stand, or on a bracket fixed to the wall. They should always be kite-marked, and should NOT be used in the following situations:

  • Any evidence that they’ve been tampered with
  • No clear identification of the media within them
  • No evidence of maintenance of the fire extinguisher
  • Any indication that using the unit may be unsafe
  • If the fire is larger than one immediate area
  • If you will put your safety at risk by tackling the fire

These are just a few primary reasons that AFSS fire extinguishers can both be helpful assets, and dangerous if used incorrectly. For this reason, where extinguishers are fitted in a building, Fire Safety Training is mandatory – it’s the law. AFSS Ltd provide training to most of our customers.

Why does my Business need AFSS Fire Extinguishers?

When you choose AFSS Ltd to supply, install and maintain your fire extinguishers, you will be getting premium quality units with a five-year warranty against defect. You’ll be getting quality media – fire-fighting material actually designed to last, and to do the job intended.

Cheaper units on the internet often do not use high quality media, and powder, for example, will compact very quickly and may not be effective or may even not eject from the unit when needed.

We will always specify the correct AFSS fire extinguishers for the risks in your building, in line with BS5306, and will not use “all risk” type units, which are often not ideal for the specific risk faced. Further, we use safety signs which take account of the latest standards and requirements, making identification of the unit and what it can be used for easy.

Our Fire and Security Maintenance plan will ensure your extinguishers are fully and properly serviced, media is checked, quality of the body is checked, that labels are updated and correct, and that the units will work as intended, when required. Maintenance is also a legislated requirement, and should not be neglected.

How Do AFSS Fire Extinguishers Benefit my Business?

The use of AFSS fire extinguishers in a building can prevent small unintended fires from developing into something much more serious. The assurance of our units in a building includes the fact that you’ll know the correct units are in the correct places, and that they will work as intended.

When you purchase AFSS Fire Extinguishers, you aren’t simply buying the extinguisher – but also our knowledge, extensive skill, and support too. You’re getting legal compliance, proper signage, correct placement, fitting, commissioning, and proof you have quality, compliant extinguishers.

What Does it Cost and How do I get AFSS Fire Extinguishers?

AFSS Fire Extinguishers cost a little more than the headline prices you’ll find on any one of several hundred websites. But consider, you’re getting so much more than just the fire extinguisher, which often you also have to finish assembling yourself – to the correct torque, and then somehow commission. Then there’s fixing it properly, ensuring it is correctly identified, and so on. Critically, how do you know you’ve connected the hose or horn properly? That it will work? Is it really worth saving a few pounds for all that uncertainty and potential risk?

Contact AFSS Ltd today for a free survey and quotation for the AFSS fire extinguishers you really need. Use our contact page, or call us on 08453 884711 or if using a mobile, 03330 884711.


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