Why CCTV Camera Systems Fail; What to Do About it

CCTV Camera Systems and the Law

A Government CCTV Camera systems study in 2012 showed there were approximately just over two million of them in the UK. That equates to roughly one camera for every thirty people.

For most people, that number probably means little or nothing – and if you’re law abiding it shouldn’t – but more sobering for anyone who relies in any way on CCTV Camera Systems is that of those two million cameras connected to under a million recording units, only around 940,000 of them are capturing data which is compliant with the law, the Data Protection Act, and can subsequently be used as evidence in a court of law in Great Britain.

In other words, less than 50% of the currently installed CCTV Camera systems work properly, or at all. It’s a double jeapordy failure too, as on the one hand, you’ll fail to collect evidential data that can be used, and on the other, you could be fined for breach of the Data Protection Act.

CCTV Camera Systems Compliance | AFSS

Why Do CCTV Camera Systems Fail?

Put simply, the investment made in CCTV is one which your business makes with the intent on achieving a specific aim – the reduction of crime affecting your business, and hence the cost.

CCTV camera systems which fail for a number of reasons, including system failure, but the single biggest failure is compliance. Compliance failures can mean that evidence collected via CCTV system may never be used in court, and will therefore never return the money spent on them, and crime will continue to impact the business.

In fact, it’s a lot like walking out of your shop, office, or even your car, without locking the doors. You wouldn’t do that, so why take chances with something potentially as important as CCTV, which can visibly reduce, detect, and impact criminal events with a positive outcome such as conviction?

It is also folly to assume that criminals cannot tell the difference between an effective and compliant CCTV Camera Systems and one which either doesn’t work, or doesn’t comply.

What to do About Failing CCTV Camera Systems

With relatively little skill, and a fast learning curve, its likely that would-be criminals will know more about the law around their activity than you do, if only to avoid punishment for their crimes.

Using a reputable CCTV Camera Systems company such as AFSS Ltd, your business will avoid the issues it may face in keeping systems working and legally compliant. We can keep your business and your CCTV Camera system working effectively, and compliant with the CCTV Commissioner’s Code of Practice on which the 2013 update to the Data Protection Act is reliant.

AFSS fire & security 360 Maintenance Plan can remove any doubt or worry of non-compliance with the Data Protection Act, and will provide a minimum of two inspection visits each year to ensure cameras are clean, working, recording, and electrically in optimum condition.

AFSS Ltd install and maintain hundreds of CCTV camera Systems for businesses across the UK. Telephone us on 08453 884711 or 03330 884711 from a mobile, or use our easy contact page to see the difference a quality and compliant system can make.



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