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Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless Fire Alarm System Benefits

Today, a wireless fire alarm system can overcome many of the obstacles traditionally associated with fire safety work. It is often the case, when a fire alarm is required, that installation of cable and devices means a lot of mess, disruption, and possibly upset while work goes on.

Of course, once that part of the installation is completed, there is also often a degree of redecoration and making good to be done too.

It is a fact that many buildings require a fire alarm system by law, which creates a dilemma where the building is operational, and in many cases, such as Care Homes, can be impractical too.

Wireless Fire Alarm System Technology

AFSS Ltd can design, install, and maintain from a range of wireless fire alarm system products.

Our primary system is fully wireless, and can be installed in hours or days rather than weeks for a traditionally wired system.

Using secure wireless signals, the system is fully compliant with British Standards and other legislation, and works in exactly the same way as any other fire alarm too.

Overall, our system provides a solution which requires no wiring, other than to the mains supply, and which can provide cover to a building in the same way a wired system would.

All devices are identified by plain English text at the control equipment, so are easily found where needed, and other advantages of a wireless fire alarm system include ease of location, the ability to move devices simply as the building changes, easy to add to at any time, and a simple to use system that will stand the test of time.

AFSS Ltd Zerio Plus is a solution which has been tried and tested in hundreds of applications across the UK, and can offer devices for every purpose.

Installed and commissioned by our expert teams, system is the equal of any wired system, and can satisfy any requirement.

Wireless Fire Alarm System Maintenance

Maintenance of wireless fire alarm systems is a little more intensive than for traditional fire alarms, only because periodically, battery changes will be required.

This cost is built into AFSS Ltd 360 Maintenance Plan, however, which covers all legal requirement, both for system and for compliance with the Standard and legislation.

Typically, batteries will be replaced annually, before there is an actual need, so that your system will never run into trouble through a low battery.

Over the course of a maintenance period, annually, your Wireless Fire Alarm System will be fully tested and inspected to ensure proper operation, positioning, performance, and stability. Overall your system will be reliable and effective throughout its life, just as if it were a wired system.


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