Alarm Servicing for Fire and Security Systems

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Alarm Servicing and Maintenance – Fire and Security

Why does your business need fire alarm maintenance and security system servicing? Like anything, alarm maintenance and servicing keep your investment working for longer, keep it working properly, and keep you safe and secure. You wouldn’t have a fleet of vehicles without maintenance and servicing, after all. A fire alarm or security system is no different.

AFSS Ltd offer a full range of servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems, servicing and maintenance of security systems and can offer your business a complete package covering it all. Our team are trained and constantly updated to ensure we know current standards, how to work on the systems you have installed, and how to ensure they continue to work and meet the requirements placed on them.

We can deal with small and large systems – fire and security, including Fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, extinguishers, CCTV systems, intruder alarms, access control, and the whole range of related disciplines too. We can combine our services to suit your business into one package, with one bill, and great features to put you in control of budget and scope too.

Our current servicing and maintenance customers enjoy a helpful, professional service from us with fast response times, knowledgeable staff, and great prices.

Alarm Servicing in action - Fire and Security Systems
Alarm Servicing - Attending Fire and Security Systems

Why AFSS Ltd for my Business Alarm Servicing of Fire and Security?

Firstly, especially where fire safety is involved, it is important to understand the legislation placed on your business. We get that you are not fire safety experts – that’s our job. We will keep you compliant and safe. We won’t flood you with technical jargon, and we will document everything clearly and in simple terms.

Secondly, we take the servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems and the servicing and maintenance of security systems seriously. We invest heavily in skills and training, and we keep close relationships with a wide range of manufacturers so we can be sure we give you the best advice, and have the correct skills to do the job properly.

Third, we understand why these fire and security systems are in place in your business, and the implications of them not working as intended. You can be sure that we will be open and honest in what we do, so that if work is needed, it genuinely will be needed. If not, we will never talk you into upgrades, or service items you don’t need. That is not what alarm servicing is about to us.

Pretty much every business is legally obliged to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, and with various other legal requirements too, such as health and safety, and electrical safety legislation. AFSS Ltd ensure you will comply with all of the requirements, at the correct level and with the correct measures in place.

Our servicing and maintenance of fire alarm systems is just the start. You can choose not only to add other systems to your package, but also items such as fire safety training, fire risk assessment and fire safety signage. We really do offer the full package and not just alarm servicing.

The core fire and security servicing package offers you compliance with British Standards, keeping insurers and authorities happy – for fire equipment and alarm systems, and security systems if required too.

These things mean that your business remains compliant, and safe from risk of fines or other punishment for non-compliance.

How Does Alarm Servicing and Maintenance Benefit my Business?

Quite simply, AFSS Ltd put servicing and maintenance of fire alarms and servicing and maintenance of security systems at the top of our priorities. It is essential for so many reasons, and helps to protect your business in so many ways.

Fire alarm maintenance is a legislated part of the legislation, along with servicing and maintenance of all fire related equipment and systems. Servicing and maintenance of security systems, while far less legislated, is also essential because working security systems greatly reduce your exposure to criminal activity.

Other benefits of alarm servicing include a reduction in the total cost of ownership of the systems, longer lasting systems and so less need to replace them, and a certain knowledge that your business is compliant, protected, and has mitigated risk from both fire and crime.

There are many other advantages too, including he fact that we respond within a four hour time frame to your request for assistance when under one of our agreements, that we offer reduced pricing on all parts and labour, and can include cover for these items within your annual cost if required too.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that we are one phone call away day and night, and while we can arrange fire alarm maintenance and other services out of hours, our main tasks out of hours tend to be more for reactive work, where you face a non-working fire or security system. Whatever your requirements, we can help, and we will be happy to design the agreement for your business that works best. That can be basic fire alarm maintenance only, or can include absolutely everything. Whatever fits your business, you will receive our fullest attention at all times.

What Does it Cost and How do I get Alarm Servicing and Maintenance for my Fire and Security?

FSS Maintenance is available to any business in our region – East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London – from as low as the cost of a daily posh coffee. We can arrange payment for your maintenance agreement on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to suit, and all your business needs to do is get in touch with us. We can send you a written quotation and illustration to accept, and your business will be on instant cover for reactive call outs with maintenance visit booked within two weeks of your acceptance (urgent visits can be arranged if needed). Call AFSS Ltd today on 08453 884711 or fill in our form below. We will get straight back to you.

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