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by | May 19, 2020 | AFSS Ltd

Business Intruder Alarm System – What is Best?

Business Intruder alarms need to meet some pretty tough requirements. They differ from those you’ll find in your house, in several ways.

For example, there may only be one or two people using an alarm system at home, but that can rise to several dozen using an alarm system for business. One person may turn on the alarm at night, and another may be the one to turn the alarm system off in the morning.

A Business Intruder Alarm may also be more at risk from attack than one in a house. So the standards reflect this and offer higher resistance to attacks against parts of the system.

Business Intruder alarm systems still form the heart of security in most commercial buildings, however large or small. This is because the reassurance a reliable, monitored business intruder alarm can provide is still unmatched by any other type of system. It will also complement other types of business system well, such as CCTV cameras, or Access Control.

The Best business intruder alarm will start with a design which reflects the way your company works, understands what happens in your building, and where the vulnerable points are. AFSS Ltd deal with these criteria by carrying out a free site survey, so we understand fully what your business needs.

We then design an alarm system for your business using those findings, and applying the best technology we can call on. This could be a wireless alarm system or a traditionally wired one. Perhaps a mixture of both. Either way, we will select the correct movement detectors, door contacts, vibration sensors and so on, to build the best business intruder alarm. We base most of our alarm systems for business around either Texecom or Orisec control equipment – both have proven their reliability and performance.

Business Intruder alarm System Keypad

We will then understand what your business needs from its intruder alarm – remote monitoring, ability to set some and not all of the alarm, different set and unset times, how your staff leave and enter. All of this has to be taken account of in any alarm system for business.

The short answer is that the best intruder alarm system for business is the one which matches your requirements, both in function and in budget. This is something AFSS Ltd have a lot of experience with.

Alarm Systems for Business Performance

Alarm system for business being used remotely by phone

Our range of business alarm systems is infinitely adaptable, and they can be implemented in wired, wireless, or hybrid formats as needed, and our range of control panels can also provide innovative control of other services too, such as lighting, heating, and can be set remotely either over the net, or by phone if required.

Operation of even the most complex of business intruder alarm system designs is now very easy too, with a range of ways to use an alarm system for business which are all capable of eliminating the need to remember PIN codes, or complex sequences of key presses.

Ease of use is paramount, and is designed in to every alarm system we install.

Business Intruder Alarm Maintenance

AFSS have close relationships with premier manufacturers such as Texecom, Orisec, and Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarms and extensive experience with almost all current makes of business intruder alarm on the market today.

For our business customers, our maintenance agreement provides full maintenance inspection for your alarm, as well as for your other fire and security systems if installed. AFSS Ltd can maintain to British Standard any alarm system for business – existing or new, large or small.

Alarm Systems For Business – AFSS Ltd are Best

AFSS Ltd operate from our Head Office regional offices which cover East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London. Our sales and service locations ensure your business in these areas will always have our best attention, and our fastest response.

Our qualified team work hard to ensure our trained staff are in the right places at the right times, crucially with the right parts and skills to complete the work you need us to on any alarm system for business.

Contact AFSS now using our easy form or give our friendly team a call about Business Intruder Alarm Systems today on 08453 884711.

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