AFSS Electrical Test, Inspection and safety

Spotlight on … AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection

What is AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection?

Electrical Testing and Inspection covers a range of functions which ensure the safety of the fixed wiring in your building, and which provides certification to show your business has taken steps to ensure safety.

It can be supplemented […]

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Electrical Testing and Inspection Matters

Why is Electrical Testing and Inspection Important?

Electrical testing and Inspection are not a legal requirement currently, though they do carry a considerable amount of weight in legal terms.

In plain terms, your business in not actually legally obliged to have either fixed electrical wiring tested and […]

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Wiring Regulations Updates 2016 17th Edition IEE



The wiring regulations as we affectionately call them, are actually a British Standard and have been since 1992, when they formally became BS7671. The current version of the standard is BS7671:2008+A3:2015 and is entitled “Requirements for Electrical Installations. The IET […]

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