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by | Apr 28, 2020 | AFSS Ltd, Security Systems

What is a CCTV Camera System?

CCTV camera systems are essentially any camera connected to a recording device of some sort. You can see them in almost every shop, office, public space, and other open premises anywhere in the UK.

While Britain has among the largest count of camera systems for commercial premises anywhere in the world, it also has some of the oldest, and worst quality CCTV camera Systems too. That means so many may not deliver evidential quality recordings.

So, in simple terms, a CCTV Camera System can be described as any one or more electronic cameras connected to a device capable of recording the output of them.

What to Consider in a CCTV Camera System

Broadly, any camera system for commercial premises will fall into one of two broad categories. It will either be analogue (much older technology), or it will be digital (newer technology). Typically, older analogue cameras are run using coaxial cable which is bulky, has a limited amount of capacity, and requires that each camera has a power supply close to it.

Newer Business CCTV Systems use either twisted pair or network grade Cat5 or CAT6 data cables. The advantages are many. Only one data cable is needed for each camera, and using something called PoE (Power over Ethernet), the supply for the camera can also be delivered along the same cable.

Being network based, there is also the possibility for business CCTV systems to share existing networks with relatively minor changes. And being network based, it also opens up the possibility for remote viewing of camera systems for commercial premises too. These are usually also referred to as IP or network cameras.

In Both cases, a recording device is also usually required. For older systems, this is normally a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which works in a similar way to your Sky Box at home. It will record CCTV cameras continuously, or on a schedule. It may be able to record cameras in response to a given alarm input too – perhaps directly connected, or via an Intruder Alarm or Access Control System.

Newer Systems using digital IP CCTV cameras use a device known as a Network Video Recorder, or NVR. This device sits on the network in just the same way as the CCTV Cameras, but is configured to collect data from the cameras. Any computer on the same (or configured) network can then access the data using a browser of viewer software, to see live and recorded images. Of course, these are secure, and not freely accessible.

Why does my Business need a CCTV Camera System?

CCTV Camera systems can be used for many reasons other than surveillance of potential criminal activity. They can be used for other purposes such as monitoring lone workers, ensuring safety, recording processes, and for other activity too.

Each business may have differing reasons for purchasing a CCTV Camera system, but it remains the case that it should be suitable for purpose, and should perform well, under all conditions required of it. Most DIY camera systems cannot do this, as they are built and priced for a different market.

How Does a CCTV Camera System Benefit my Business?

Using a company such as AFSS Ltd, your business will benefit from a supplier who understands exactly what you want from your system and who has the experience to design a CCTV Camera System to deliver that. Pound for pound, it will result in the best possible system for your needs, and it will be backed by industry leading support.

However difficult the conditions, we have solutions which can deal with any situation such as low light, difficult angles, variable scenes, and much more.

We are specialist in areas such as IP CCTV, covert surveillance, wide area monitoring, and we can use a variety of transmission methods, including the internet, fibre, and co-axial cable.

What Does it Cost and How do I get a Business CCTV Camera System?

It isn’t possible to offer a price without knowing exactly what your business requires, but we offer free quotations, and we work with you at every stage to ensure you get the system you need, within the parameters and criteria set. Simply get in touch using our form – we cover East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent. We can work further afield by agreement.

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