Spotlight on … AFSS CCTV Camera System Services

What is an AFSS CCTV Camera System?

What sets an AFSS CCTV Camera System apart from others on the market is an eye for quality, budget, and performance. Nothing is quite as subjective as a user’s perception of the CCTV they are viewing.

Too often, businesses opt for the very cheapest solution they can find, only to be disappointed by the result, or worse, to find that the CCTV Cameras they purchased simply do not do the job, whether by lack of performance, or through producing images which cannot be used as evidence in court.

The outcome is one of frustration, wasted money, and usually, a criminal getting away with a crime.

Why does my Business need an AFSS CCTV Camera System?

CCTV Camera systems can be used for many reasons other than surveillance of potential criminal activity. They can be used for other purposes such as monitoring lone workers, ensuring safety, recording processes, and for other activity too.

Each business may have differing reasons for purchasing a CCTV Camera system, but it remains the case that it should be suitable for purpose, and should perform well, under all conditions required of it. Most DIY systems cannot do this, as they are built and priced for a different market.

How Does an AFSS CCTV Camera System Benefit my Business?

Using a company such as AFSS Ltd, your business will benefit from a supplier who understands exactly what you want from your system and who has the experience to design a CCTV Camera System to deliver that. Pound for pound, it will result in the best possible system for your needs, and it will be backed by industry leading support.

However difficult the conditions, we have solutions which can deal with any situation such as low light, difficult angles, variable scenes, and much more. We are specialist in areas such as IP CCTV, covert surveillance, wide area monitoring, and we can use a variety of transmission methods, including the internet, fibre, and co-axial cable.

What Does it Cost and How do I get an AFSS CCTV Camera System?

It isn’t possible to offer a price without knowing exactly what your business requires, but we offer free quotations, and we work with you at every stage to ensure you get the system you need, within the parameters and criteria set. Simply call us on 08453 884711, or complete our contact form and we’ll be there to help. AFSS Ltd are leaders in CCTV Camera systems throughout the UK.


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