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CCTV Maintenance Company for Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent.

CCTV servicing is more than just making sure the system works. A good CCTV Maintenance Company will be able to help with Data Protection, keeping your system set up properly, ensuring the best out of your cameras, and will be able to advise on how to best protect your property using your CCTV System.

A CCTV Maintenance Company like us at AFSS Ltd has undertaken significant training on things like Data Protection law, as well as many technical training courses such as those offered by manufacturers.

We understand the various different technologies and types of component which make up a CCTV System, from older analogue systems to newer digital IP CCTV camera systems. We have a strong networking background too, so we can be fully conversant with IT departments to be sure the CCTV System has the network needed.

Of course, we don’t just carry out CCTV Servicing. We can design and install it too. Together with our portfolio of fire safety, and other security systems, CCTV maintenance is just part of what we do for your business.

As a CCTV maintenance Company, we are trained to know how to use the various software programs, and how to keep them optimised and running smoothly, how to integrate them with other security systems, and how to get the most out of the CCTV cameras you have. Our in-depth technical knowledge extends across technologies for transmission too, such as microwave, fibre, and public networks.

We look after the CCTV servicing for all sizes of business, from the smallest shop with maybe two or three cameras, all the way to the very largest, such as the 425 CCTV camera system managed and maintained for a regional council building.

A Better CCTV Maintenance Company

AFSS Ltd strive at all times to become a better CCTV Maintenance Company by investing in training, keeping up with the latest technology, and knowing the laws and regulations around your CCTV System. We produce comprehensive reports during each inspection visit, so you can be kept fully appraised of the condition of your CCTV system and any maintenance requirements it may have.

We go further too. There isn’t another CCTV Maintenance Company we are aware of who will clean each camera lens on each visit, for example, ensuring you get better recording from each camera. Our process concentrates on getting the best out of each camera and your whole CCTV system. We do this systematically, ensuring each part of the system has the same level of attention to detail throughout.

It is perfectly possible for us to design a CCTV servicing agreement which works for your business and minimises disruption to your workflow. We can do this cost effectively too, no matter the size of your CCTV camera system.

We can also provide CCTV servicing across multiple sites, outlying areas, and any other type of environment – our team are qualified to operate lifters and scaffolding to reach the toughest of camera positions. We carry winches too for de-mountable CCTV poles.

We can efficiently deal with most CCTV system issues, and our aim is always to be the best CCTV maintenance Company we can be, offering your business the best service at all times, anywhere in our area – East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London or Kent.

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