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Spotlight on … AFSS 360 Maintenance

What is AFSS 360 Fire and Security Servicing?

AFSS 360 Maintenance is our package which offers servicing for fire and security, electrical, and related equipment and systems. We’ve designed a simple range of packages which can cover from a single system right up to multiple systems on multiple sites, all in an easy to understand way, and at a fixed price.

Each of the packages has a standard set of features, designed to minimise cost, and offer maximum benefit, and each is offered at a fixed price point, well within the budget of any business.

It’s also offered with a choice of monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual payment schemes, each of which can be chosen at no extra cost. We don’t offer it on a finance deal, so there’s no interest or management fee if you stay within the payment terms.

You can see full information about AFSS 360 Maintenance here.

Why does my Business need AFSS 360 Fire and Security Servicing?

Businesses are legally obliged to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, and with various other legal requirements too, such as health and safety, and electrical safety legislation. AFSS 360 Maintenance can ensure you do comply with all of the requirements, at a level you want.

You can choose to add options to any level of Plan – including Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Training which are both legal requirements, or PAT Testing and Fixed Electrical Inspection too, both of which prove you’ve met your duties as an employer in respect of staff wellbeing.

The core fire and security servicing package offers you compliance with British Standards, keeping insurers and authorities happy – for fire equipment and alarm systems, and security systems if required too.

These things mean that your business remains compliant, and safe from risk of fines or other punishment for non-compliance.

How Does AFSS 360 Fire and Security Maintenance Benefit my Business?

Quite simply, AFSS 360 Fire and Security Servicing provides many benefits which aren’t possible with other companies – few can offer everything we do in-house. We also offer full transparency so you know what things will cost at all times. We are one of the few to publish our labour, callout, and parts prices. We also do not charge for services you might not need. It works out far cheaper for most businesses to opt for an agreement which covers compliance requirements, and then utilises a Pay as you Go method for other things such as faults and repairs. Most of our customers save up to 60% over a so called “comprehensive” agreement by doing this.

What Does it Cost and How do I get AFSS 360 Maintenance

AFSS 360 Maintenance is available to any business in the UK from as little as £24.99 plus VAT a month. All your business needs to do is get in touch with us – either by phone on 08453 884711 or by using our contact form. Why not request a quote direct from the AFSS 360 Fire and Security Maintenance page?

Whichever contact method you prefer, we can cover your business today, and we can take care of all the fire and security servicing you need us to. Call AFSS Ltd today.


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