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What is Emergency Lighting?

Emergency Lighting is a specialist type of lighting which has the purpose of providing light when the power in a building fails for any reason. Design of the emergency lights, along with ongoing maintenance and testing are covered in British Standard 5266-1: 2011.

In short, an emergency lighting system properly designed should achieve several things. It should allow occupants to leave a building safely, highlight any changes in level – e.g. stairs or platforms, and it should highlight the position of fire alarm call points or fire-fighting equipment such as extinguishers.

Why does my Business need AFSS Emergency Lighting?

The simple answer to why your business needs emergency light fittings is that it is probably a legislated requirement.  To clarify, if your Fire Risk Assessment indicates a need for emergency lighting, then you have a legal duty to provide it, and to maintain it in working condition.

It’s also about protecting the safety of employees, visitors, and other people using your business too, of course.

How Does AFSS Emergency Lighting Benefit my Business?

AFSS Ltd offer a comprehensive range of emergency lighting solutions, which are suitable for any premises. We can fit stand-alone units which will be self-contained , and come with their own batteries. They do not have to be the “traditional” bulkhead style although these are among the cheapest way of having lighting fitted.

We also offer a range of fully intelligent lighting solutions, which can integrate whole building lighting with emergency light functions, can self-test and can let you know when there are issues – plus using LED technology can offer a fast ROI on your initial cost to fit.

Maintenance inspections are a key part of emergency lighting too. There is a requirement to test lighting monthly, and to ensure a full discharge test is carried out at least annually, for the rated duration of the lighting. That’s typically three hours, though it can be more or less. Other things a proper inspection should check include light output – there is a minimum “lux” (Light) level which should be achieved along an escape route, and this should be part of the design consideration, and then referenced at maintenance time to ensure light levels are not reducing.

We can also often retrofit emergency light functions into existing lighting too.

What Does it Cost and How do I get AFSS Emergency Lighting

Much depends on what your building actually requires for compliance. A design survey is a must for emergency lighting as there is a clear requirement to establish the light levels required in your business.  Once a design survey has been completed, taking into account the style and type of lighting which best suits your business, we can price accurately.

Get the ball rolling today – contact us here – or call us on 08453 884711 and we’ll be pleased to offer you a free survey for your emergency lighting requirements


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