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by | May 19, 2020 | AFSS Ltd

Fire Alarm Maintenance and Security System Maintenance for Business.

Fire Alarm Maintenance and security system maintenance can be obtained from almost any fire and security company in the industry.

While in principle it is a good thing, and promotes choice, it can also be a bit of a minefield, because you don’t always know how good the company is, or how thorough, trained, and skilled their staff are.

Does your company, for example, provide a written quotation for your fire alarm maintenance or security system maintenance, outlining the work which will be done, what is included within the contract (and what isn’t), and a clear indication of any costs your business may be liable for, the time it will take to attend or repair, and so on.

These are all items in any alarm maintenance contract that your business should pay attention to, and should consider when weighing up the cost indicated. It’s often cheaper overall to combine fire alarm maintenance and security system maintenance, for example.

A company like ours will provide a written quote for your business requirements, and even for maintenance agreements. Within it, we will clearly show what we provide, for both fire alarm maintenance and inspection and for security system servicing. We will give you options such as cover for only one type of system or for things like extinguishers, emergency lighting, intruder alarm ,CCTV, Access Control, and other routine things. It isn’t just Alarm Maintenance, but about compliance too.

Fire alarm systems, as an example, must have maintenance and inspection in accordance with British Standard 5839 in order to remain overall compliant with the Standard, and most likely to remain compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order too. This is true of all fire safety equipment.  Security systems of all types also benefit from maintenance for much the same reasons, though it is more likely to be an insurance driven requirement than a legislative one.

What’s so Good About AFSS Maintenance for Businesses?

As mentioned, we will provide a written undertaking to every business customer which details what we do, and don’t do in return for your maintenance agreement payment. We are clear about the SLA levels, the parts and labour we include (at some levels), and how much you can expect to pay if we do not include an item within the agreement.

We are flexible. Essentially you can choose what to cover, whether just fire alarm maintenance or fire safety generally, security system maintenance to include CCTV as well as an alarm system etc. We also provide options for cover for labour, parts, and guaranteed SLA times if needed within our coverage areas of East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and London.

Whilst we cannot (and will not) offer a matching service on price, we can state that we will not be beaten on quality or attention. In simple terms, you can pay a little more for quality, or you can pay twice. All alarm maintenance is not equal.

What Can we Provide Alarm Maintenance Cover for?

We don’t just provide fire alarm maintenance and security system maintenance.

When we designed our Alarm Maintenance agreement we wanted to ensure we offered as much as possible for your business.

We looked at what other Fire Alarm Maintenance and Security System Maintenance contracts were offered by other companies to their business customers, and we looked at what our existing customers have told us they wanted, and we found there were a number of things that business pays for over and above maintenance – often having to look to other companies to secure that service or item. So, we set out to provide what we were told was really wanted.

Unlike most alarm maintenance agreements, your maintenance agreement with AFSS Ltd can include:

  • Fire Alarm
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Nurse/Warden Call
  • Disabled Refuge
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control
  • Door Entry
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • PAT Testing
  • EICR Testing
  • Fire Safety Training

Where you prefer, it is possible for us to offer you the chance to pay for your alarm maintenance agreement on a monthly basis by Direct Debit, allowing your business to spread the cost of maintenance and compliance over the same twelve-month period as your core alarm systems maintenance service too.  

It is worth noting too, that we offer business customers taking our both fire alarm maintenance and security system maintenance a reduction in not just the cost of separate agreements but for parts and labour too, where selected, and at a lower level if not, but under contract with us. Typically, our labour rates are around 20% cheaper than non-contract rates when within a maintenance agreement, and even better if labour and parts are chosen at the time your business agrees to use us.

Switch to a better Fire Alarm Maintenance | Security System Maintenance Company Today

We think you can see benefits right away for your business, whatever size, and anywhere in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London. Compare what we offer and provide next to your current company and see for yourself. Nobody offers more in one agreement.

Contact us today about your business fire alarm maintenance or security system maintenance using our form, or give our friendly team a call on 08453 884711.

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