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Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance is part of the requirements of British Standard 5839 part One. If your business has a fire alarm fitted, then your company will need fire alarm inspection and service.

The requirement of the British Standard is in place for a number of reasons. With regular periodic inspection, your business can prove it is taking all reasonable steps to ensure staff and public safety. Fire alarm maintenance will ensure your systems work optimally, and last as long as they can.

If no maintenance of your fire alarm takes place, the system will not comply with the British Standard requirements and this will have an impact on your Fire Risk Assessment, and could render your company liable to fines or could prohibit you from trading. 

A typical fire alarm system will need periodic inspection and service because it contains devices which need to be checked, such as smoke detectors and heat detectors; these need to be tested under conditions which simulate those of a real fire. A professional fire and security company like AFSS Ltd can do this, and can provide written proof that your fire alarm complies and is sufficient for purpose.

There are other factors which are considered during maintenance of fire alarms. For example, your fire alarm will be assessed against the way you currently use your premises to be sure the system still meets any specific design purpose (i.e. smoke detectors and manual call points in the correct places).

Fire Alarm Inspection and Service Frequency

Typically, a fire alarm system has to be 100% inspected and maintained over the course of any 12 month period. This is normally achieved over two or four visits depending on the overall size of your fire system.

For smaller less complex fire alarms, two visits are normally adequate, as 50% of the system can easily be properly tested in each visit. For larger systems, it may make more sense to break the full program into four visits, testing and inspecting 25% each time.

Of course, very large fire alarms such as in hospitals, shopping centres, large office complexes, and schools may need different programs for fire alarm maintenance due to operational conditions. Again, a business such as AFSS Ltd will be able to accommodate this, and has flexibility to build a program that completes maintenance of fire alarms over any number of visits, out of hours visits, or weekend visits so that 100% is fully inspected over the 12 month period.

Maintenance Of Fire Alarms

As with any investment your business makes, it is sound economy to ensure that it remains operational as long as possible, and returns the investment made. Maintenance of fire alarms (or any equipment) ensures that there is no undue wear and tear, minimum levels of false alarms, and that your business has a fire alarm system which will operate to protect your staff and premises when it is needed.

A normal maintenance and inspection visit for your fire alarm can take between an hour and four hours, unless very large, in which case a day or more could be allocated. During that time, as well as design checks, performance checks, operational checks, and housekeeping of the system, our technicians will also cast an experienced eye over the age of devices (a smoke detector generally has a lifetime of around ten years), the firmware in the fire alarm control panel, and a number of other items which could give rise to issues.

Another key ares to be checked is the back up battery supplies which are an integral part of your wire alarm. We will measure the voltage, and standby current to ensure they will last long enough to provide the standby times and alarm times required by the British Standards. These will be replaced every four of five years typically in any fire alarm system, and sometimes more often if there is heavy demand on them.

Fire alarm maintenance is a specialist job, and is best left to a professional fire and security company like ourselves at AFSS Ltd, as we have the skills and experience, as well as the required tools and training to do the work properly. Talk to us today, we can provide maintenance of fire alarms anywhere in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London or Kent.Whichever reason is most important to you, fire alarm maintenance makes a lot of sense when carried out by professionals, used to dealing with all types of systems, up to date with current regulations and rules, and capable of getting the most from your installation at lowest cost.

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