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Fire Alarm Servicing – Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent

Fire alarm servicing is an essential part of the overall system, and should be seen as integral to the system, rather than an add-on. One reason for this, as any fire alarm company can tell you, is that without evidence of routine maintenance and servicing, your fire alarm system will be deemed non-compliant.

It is considered part of the whole, and a part of your fire alarm. In the simplest sense, a fire alarm system can be broken down into four parts, each of which is needed for the whole. First is design. Second Installation. Then comes commissioning, and finally, fire alarm servicing on a regular basis.

Continued compliance with the British Standard for fire alarms (BS 5839-1) is dependent upon periodic and qualified maintenance by a competent person. There are a number of tests for determining what counts as “qualified”, or “competent” and of course, maintenance testing must also be evidenced – not simply completed.

Fire alarm servicing consists of a number of steps which are designed to offer a consistent, accurate, and thorough way of proving that each part of your fire alarm does what it is intended to, and when. For most systems, the Standard requires that one hundred percent of the system is tested and inspected over any twelve month period. This can be broken down into usually two or four visits, each time servicing a percentage of the system.

The simplest and surest way of making sure that your fire alarm servicing is correct is to employ a good fire alarm company such as AFSS Ltd. We can ensure you and your system remain compliant, that your system will work when needed, and that false alarms are minimised. We can also make sure any changes or alterations required are completed, and any repair work done. In short, our fire alarm servicing regime will make sure you get the longest life from your alarm.

Expert Fire Alarm Company

We are a fire alarm company covering East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent typically, though we have worked on and carried out fire alarm servicing as far afield as Truro in Cornwall and Elgin in Scotland.

We carry out fire alarm servicing on most types of fire alarm system, no matter who installed or manufactured it. We are Notifier trained, and work frequently with Kentec, Advanced, Apollo, Hochiki, and many other manufacturers.

Within this area we offer an unbeatable expert fire alarm servicing package which is designed to offer routine inspection on a frequency which suits your property and system, includes a full assessment on every visit to ensure the system still complies with standards, works properly, and is suited to the building design and use. It includes the all important documentation which gives you evidence of competent fire alarm inspection and maintenance too.

We work electronically, recording what is needed, and on completion, the service report is emailed to your nominated person. Doing things this way ensures you can always obtain copies of any report if needed, and of course, being electronic, it can be copied to anyone needing it too.

Whatever the size and scope of your fire alarm system, our team are knowledgeable, friendly, and work together with you to make sure there is minimum disruption to your work. We can, by arrangement, offer out of hours fire alarm servicing. Does your current fire alarm company?

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AFSS Ltd are a fire alarm company that makes the process of obtaining expert fire alarm maintenance as easy as possible. We give you a firm cost for your servicing agreement up front, and can arrange monthly payments if required, or we can agree terms to suit.

If your business is based anywhere in East Sussex, Surrey, London, or Kent, then simply pop your details in the form at the bottom of this page, and we will be in touch to find out how we can help you. AFSS Ltd are the only fire alarm company you’ll ever need.

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