Spotlight on … AFSS Fire Alarm Systems

What is an AFSS Fire Alarm?

An AFSS Fire alarm is a system designed to British Standards, to ensure the earliest detection of an outbreak of fire in your business. We always work to British Standard 5839 to ensure your business is compliant, and has a fire detection system it know it can rely on.

AFSS Ltd offer a wide choice of systems, which can allow for wired or wire free infrastructure, lower cost standard conventional alarms, or more advanced but highly effective fire alarms which can tell you exactly where fire has broken out in your building.

Whichever system we specify, you can be sure that we use only open protocol equipment, meaning that although we hope you will stay with AFSS for your maintenance, you do not have to – any reputable company can obtain parts or technical knowledge if you prefer.

Why does my Business need an AFSS Fire Alarm?

Many businesses are required to have a fire alarm for various reasons, which can include local authority requirement, the nature of your business, mandated in your Fire Risk Assessment, or perhaps because an insurer has requested it.

In all cases, we will work with your business to assess the most cost-effective solution for your needs, taking account of the level of detection and alarm required. Every system we design, install, or maintain will be issued with the relevant certification to show that it complies with the right parts of the British Standard.

How Does an AFSS Fire Alarm Benefit my Business?

An AFSS Fire Alarm can ensure your business complies with legislation and your obligations in that regard. It will safeguard life and property, offering your business the best chance of detecting fire at the earliest opportunity.

At the design stage, we ensure the system is appropriately configured to ensure even detection across the protected area, and we check this again during installation and commissioning of your fire alarm system. To keep you compliant, we also offer maintenance inspection periodically, which ensures 100% of your alarm system is tested each year, including ensuring all detectors react as they should, in the correct timeframe.

What Does it Cost and How do I get an AFSS Fire Alarm?

It isn’t possible to offer a price without knowing exactly what your business requires, but we offer free quotations, and we work with you at every stage to ensure you get the system you need, within the parameters and criteria set. Simply call us on 08453 884711, or complete our contact form and we’ll be there to help. AFSS Ltd are leaders in fire alarm systems throughout the UK.


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