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by | Apr 29, 2020 | AFSS Ltd, Fire Safety

Fire Risk Assessment is Fire Safety for Businesses.

Fire Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for every business with premises and employing (as a rough guide) more than five people, or where more than five people may be on your premises at any one time.

The implications of failing to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment which is “suitable and sufficient”, or indeed, altogether, leave your business liable to a number of penalties.

While Fire Safety basics may seem obvious, very often we’re approached with a comment such as “I need to sort our fire safety out”, or “do we need a fire risk assessment?” The answer to both of those questions is usually, “yes, you do”.

How can you defend against something you don’t know? One of the essentials of and Fire Safety basics is a Risk Assessment which will establish what the risks are, and what to do about them. That’s really the purpose of a Fire Risk Assessment, and your legal obligation as the Responsible Person in a business.

Fire Safety Basics – Use Fire Safety Professionals

Not only can a professional assessor advise on fire safety basics and answer all of those questions, they will also share in the responsibility for your fire safety, provide professional advice to ensure you comply, and can be a vital support to your business. Why take chances?

Moving forward from the Fire Safety Basics, a professional Risk Assessment will provide a written document, set out against the framework in PAS 79, from which you will be able to determine what risks you face, what you already have in place, and what you need to do to minimise them.

Crucially, a decent professional assessment will also ensure your fire safety meets a “suitable and sufficient” level.

Fire Safety Basics – What is Assessed?

The short answer should be “all of it”.

As a fire safety basics guide, the Risk Assessment we carry out at Applied Fire and Security will cover the building construction, size, exits, equipment in place, risks from other processes or operations, maintenance in place, and more.

Most “self-completed” Risk Assessments, although good basic practice, will not look at things like travel distance to a fire exit, or the spread rate of fire through a building, or things like occupancy, or construction. All have a major bearing on how likely a fire is to do serious damage, or take life.

With the assurance of PAS 79, a written report, assistance with compliance, and one off prices starting from only £99.00 (plus VAT) – the least risk of all is to opt to use a professional assessor from Applied Fire and Security Services Ltd.

Contact us today about Fire Safety on 08453 884711, or through our easy contact page, to book your Fire Risk Assessment, whatever size of business you are.

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