Spotlight on … AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection

What is AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection?

Electrical Testing and Inspection covers a range of functions which ensure the safety of the fixed wiring in your building, and which provides certification to show your business has taken steps to ensure safety.

It can be supplemented with PAT – portable appliance testing – which offers similar safety and functional checks for portable equipment, which is really any item you’d plug into your fixed wiring.

AFSS Ltd offer both fixed wiring electrical testing and inspection and PAT Testing. Our teams can ensure that any faults found are rectified, advice given, and any potential danger averted.

Why does my Business need AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection?

Fixed wiring doesn’t often go wrong, but it does break down over time due to environment, overloading, and other factors, many of which are hidden in walls and not obvious.

Portable equipment is subject to wear and tear, especially if it’s moved a lot and plugged into different outlets during the course of its use.

Fixed Electrical Testing and Inspection is known variously as an EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report (it used to be known as a Periodic Inspection Report, or PIR). Typically this should be carried out every five years, though the frequency does vary depending on your business, and use.

For instance, a typical commercial premises would be every five years, whilst industrial buildings are three years. Construction sites are as often as every quarter. The schedule chart shows the typical frequency of testing if you press the button below.

Portable appliances should be checked annually, and any defective equipment removed from use or replaced. A test sticker should be present on all portable equipment, detailing its test date, and showing it passed testing.

How Does AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection Benefit my Business?

There are various pieces of legislation which mandate a duty on employers to ensure the safety of their employees, including the Health and Safety at Work Act, and the Electricity at Work Regulations. Whilst currently there in no legal requirement to carry out these tests, the probability of you proving you had kept your staff safe is minimal without the tests, should electrocution occur, as you do have duties for staff safety.

Therefore, the key benefits are safety of staff and users, and also protection of your business if needed. The other advantages are that very often we will be able to highlight issues which are costing money, and offer cost effective ways to reduce the amount of energy used. A simple switch to LED lighting can reduce electric bills by 30-40% in some cases.

What Does it Cost and How do I get AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection

AFSS Electrical Testing and Inspection is available in two ways. You can opt to include both an EICR and PAT Testing within an AFSS 360 Fire and Security Maintenance Plan, which provides a benefit of spreading the cost over a year, or of course, you can book and pay all in one go as a standalone service too. An EICR for fixed wiring costs from £16 per month in addition to core maintenance fees, or £192 plus VAT if paying in one go. PAT Testing is available from £8 a month as part of your Plan, or for smaller sites from only £96 plus VAT for the year.

However you choose to have your electrical testing and inspection completed, AFSS Ltd will ensure you have certification, full information, and a clear action plan where needed. Our team will keep all aspects of your fire, security, and electrical in optimum condition, safe and secure. Call us today on 08453 884711 or from a mobile on 03330 884711, or fill in our simple contact form and we will call you.


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