Fire Risk Assessments – Fire Safety Certificate?

Fire Risk Assessments are effectively what replaced fire safety certificates in the UK. Various fire safety acts were reviewed and replaced by what is popularly known as the Fire Safety Order – officially entitled The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005.

They can help focus and determine potential losses to your business if it were to burst into flames, as well as proactively reducing the risk of fire will reduce the risk to your business.

Don’t put this off! The law requires all businesses to carry out an assessment of their risk from fire.

This means, in simple terms, that Fire Risk Assessments should be carried out by looking at the measures being taken to reduce or eliminate likely fire hazards, i.e uncontrolled sources of ignition and fuel, it should look at the construction of your building, and how possible it is for fire to travel through it, and what measures are in place to arrest the travel. It will also look at a number of other factors which can contribute to fire starting, and taking hold.

The reason the law requires business to complete an assessment (normally with a full review each year) is so that fewer people are exposed to the possibility of being hurt or killed in a building fire.  Don’t leave yourself and your business open to the consequences.

Fire Risk Assessments – PAS 79 Compliant

Fire Risk Assessments are a very involved business, and rely on some very qualified and specialist knowledge, including an understanding of how fire starts, how it spreads, and how spread can be mitigated.

Professional companies such as Applied Fire and Security Services Ltd work to a guide Specification known as PAS 79 which is a publicly available specification for Fire Risk Assessments.

Of course very small businesses such as those with fewer than five full time employees can often carry out a “verbal” assessment, which doesn’t have to be written down.

There are many Risk Assessment templates available online and often free, which claim to guide you through doing your own assessment. The problem with these are that it is very difficult or impossible, if required, to prove that an assessment was actually carried out, OR that it was “suitable and sufficient”.

Employ a professional company with a good understanding of the fire safety regulations to complete Fire Risk Assessments for you in line with PAS 79. Every aspect of the assessment will be documented, offering immediate proof that consideration was given, and appropriate action taken, in respect of the fire safety in your building, and in your business.

The main points are:

  • The reduction in your legal responsibility under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order: 2005 as some of this passes to the company you employ to complete your review.
  • The assurance that your Fire Risk Assessments look at all aspects of fire safety and are being considered, as a far more in-depth audit is completed.
  • You gain a key contact who will always stand as a common sense arbiter between you and your local authority if and where needed, often as part of the overall “package”.

Very often as AFSS does, a re-visit to assess any remedial work required will also be included as part of the cost.

Fire Risk Assessments – The Right Company for Fire Training

Always look for a Fire Risk Assessments company who offer written and preferably not template reports. Any company completing this should work in accordance with PAS 79, which will offer a standard framework and provides for consistency and quality.

Here at Applied Fire and Security Services Ltd we cover the southern end of mainland UK, and have produced many hundreds of PAS 79 standard Assessments effectively your Fire Safety Certificate. Every one of these reports are individually written, produced, and archived for future safety for a minimum of ten years.

Contact us today about Fire Risk Assessments using our contact page, or by phone on 08453 884711.