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PAFSS is a brilliant fixed fire extinguishing system with loads of applications and which costs a lot less than traditional gas suppression systems. It is a fire suppression system that offers a real alternative at much lower cost to solutions such as traditional Gas Suppression, Water Mist, or Sprinkler Systems.

AFSS are approved PAFSS installers, and work closely with the UK manufacturer to ensure we’re a specialist you truly can rely on for innovative quality fire suppression solutions.

PAFSS Fire Suppression is ideally suited to protecting at source high risk areas such as IT Racks, Electrical Cabinets, Machine Enclosures, Industrial equipment and vehicle engine bays, Power generation plant, boats, and much more. It can also protect much closer to the potential source of fire than traditional systems can.

  • Imagine protecting your IT Comms room from fire at a fraction of the cost, and no longer needing room integrity testing, expensive duplication of smoke and fire detection, and no more need to control access due to risk of discharge. PAFSS Does this by covering the likely source of fire, rather than the whole room.
  • Imagine your fleet of very expensive plant and vehicles no longer being destroyed due to an engine fault.
  • Imagine fire in high risk areas being put out in approximately the same fraction of time it takes for a fire alarm to detect and operate.

Now, you don’t have to imagine it. AFSS can deliver these fire safety solutions today. PAFSS Fire Suppression is proven and works in all of these situations and many more too.

Not only can we offer this in place of much more expensive Gas Suppression or Sprinkler systems, we can also offer it in places these systems just can’t reach. PAFSS Fire Suppression is designed to fit into smaller enclosures, such as electrical cabinets, can be used in remote locations, does not need a water supply, does not need an electrical supply, and can be completely self-contained, and will not be compromised by loss of power or water supply. Why pay to protect a whole room for one or two boxes in it?

It can be monitored by a fire alarm, or by a standalone panel through integral flow and pressure switches, if required.

Typically, PAFSS Fire Suppression is installed in less than a day, and is protecting your plant, machines, IT rooms, electrical rooms, and more very quickly, and very efficiently. Did we mention, it also costs a lot less than typical solutions?

PAFSS Fire Suppression also makes less installation mess as we don’t, for example, need to engineer whole rooms – just the cabinets within them, and it takes up so little space, none of your equipment will be displaced. It is very effective and uses only very safe extinguishing media such as CO2 or NOVEC 1230, and it won’t damage equipment, engine parts, IT servers, or any electrical items.

When you consider that a typical IT room can be protected for a third of the cost of a typical solution, it won’t set your budget on fire either.

PAFSS Fire extinguishing system works essentially the same way whichever of two types of delivery system we determine is best for your application. It uses a very reliable method of detecting fire using a linear detection tube – this means that it detects fire along it’s entire length and not just at points in a room, so it acts much more quickly, and because it’s enclosure based, it operates far faster, and far more efficiently too, putting out fires in around 30 seconds. The type of delivery you require is part of what we calculate when you request a quotation.

With direct systems, there is just one tube system which provides both detection and discharge of the extinguishing media when required. Indirect systems have a second set of small stainless steel pipes, and nozzles to discharge the media. Whichever of the options we use, the detection tube is designed to be resistant to knocks, bangs, jolts, and everyday action.

It is easily ruptured by fire, directing the fire extinguishing media exactly where it is needed. The detection tube is in effect a linear heat detector, meaning it will detect fire along its entire length with no blind areas. Both types of delivery operate very quickly when needed, yet are almost impervious to typical false alarms associated with fixed gas suppression systems, because they operate passively, and do not have moving parts.

We also have a specialist fire suppression solution for kitchens to protect cooking areas, which again has a lower cost than traditional systems such as Ansul or Amerex. This is called KitchenGuard Fir Suppression and is very similar to PAFSS, but uses media designed specifically for kitchen cooker areas, and will operate as quickly as any other fire extinguishing system.

AFSS are Approved Installers of PAFSS and KitchenGuard. We undergo manufacturer training, we have top line support from the manufacturer, and we have fast access to spares and support, technical advice, and application guides.

We are also one of only a small handful of Approved Installers in the South East, and across the UK, which means you can be sure we are real experts in the system. We are one of only a few installers who can supply, design, install and maintain this leading fire suppression system anywhere in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London or Kent.

Contact us today on either 08453 884711 or use our contact form to get in touch – we’d love to help and save you money with PAFSS fire suppression.

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