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Security Systems for Shops and Workplaces of All Types

Effective business security systems begin with an understanding of how you work, how you do that, and what the main risks are. This is true whether your requirement is for a shop alarm system, CCTV systems for business, or other business security systems are better suited.

At AFSS Ltd we use our many years of experience to provide security systems for offices and workplaces which fit your requirements and budget.

Our aim is to become your trusted business security systems partner over the long term.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems for shops, offices, factories, warehouses, and any other type of business property are all designed specifically by us to meet the challenge properly.

We design from the widest range of proven components to ensure the best and most reliable business security systems are the result every time, for every customer.

CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems for business usually need to be considered carefully, as Data Protection has a big impact on choice. 

AFSS Ltd are experts in CCTV Systems for business, and can choose from a wide range of equipment to ensure clarity, quality, and an outstanding business security system is the result for you, every time. 

Access Control

Access control can make excellent business security systems when properly designed and installed.

Limiting access is one of the best ways to reduce crime, and doing so without hindering your staff is where Access Control Systems shine through most. We have a broad range of equipment which will meet your requirements.

Integrated Security Systems

Integrated Security Systems for business generally involve solutions from across the range, combining CCTV Cameras, Access Control solutions and Intruder Alarms, usually in a computerised system, to allow a distributed system.

AFSS Ltd can design and install an integrated commercial security system for any purpose.

Security Lighting Systems

Security Lighting, or lighting designed to help secure and area or building is considered a lot less than other solutions, yet remains most effective.

In conjunction with good CCTV systems, security lighting can make the difference between a conviction, and a walk free.

Other Security Systems

Whatever business security systems or solutions needed, AFSS Ltd can maintain and install the widest range of systems for shops and workplaces, and can often design specifically to meet a particular challenge.

Talk to us today whatever your security systems needs.

Business Security Systems, Built on Solid Commercial Experience

Experience in business security systems which has been gained over the course of a hundred man years in our industry at every level.

Our Directors, between them, have clocked up over a century of technical and commercial knowledge at all levels in business security systems engineering, and today lead a team with many more years of understanding of risks and solutions, as well as the technical skill needed to effectively beat commercial security risks.

Our team guide you through the options, plan with you the best business security systems solutions, and then stay on hand to support you where needed.

AFSS Ltd have been around over ten years, designing, installing, and maintaining a lot more than just CCTV Systems for Business.

We will be around for many more, thanks to partnerships with leading brands in the industry, and the backing of the entire AFSS Group.

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Where AFSS Ltd provides Business Security Systems Services

Our security systems services are available to business of all types in any sort of premises across East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent at present.

We are always expanding our commercial customer base and can look after multi-site national customers too when required.

Talk to AFSS Ltd today, to find out how we can make a difference to your workplace security.