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Emergency lighting is an often overlooked part of any fire safety strategy. However it can mean the difference between getting out of a building safely, and not getting out at all. Fitting emergency lights is not simply a case of putting them up and hoping for the best – it is not a job most electricians can undertake properly.


British Standard 5266 sets out how emergency lighting should work, how it should perform, and how it should be installed. Applied Fire and Security are fire safety experts, and can advise, design, install and maintain all types of emergency lighting for your business.  We can maintain existing emergency lighting schemes and bring them up to current standards, and we can design and install a wide range of systems to suit you. We do not have to fit typical bulkhead style fittings, and can offer a full range of fittings which will blend in with your design and architecture.

Emergency Light Improvement Services

Your business probably already has emergency lighting. When was it last fully tested and checked in depth? It may be that there are updates to the standard or changes in the layout of your building. Over 90% of the emergency lighting we see is deficient in some way. Be sure your business isn’t unprotected. Get AFSS in to check today.

The Right Emergency Lighting for your Business

We won’t ever “over-sell” you here at AFSS. We can choose from any number of manufacturers to design or maintain your lighting for your business needs. If simple emergency lighting is all you need, that’s what we will offer. If you need a more complex, integrated self monitoring system, we can do that too. And if your requirements are more complex still, we have that covered. We will look after you and your business whatever the correct solution.

We can work with all emergency lights on the market today. Our experience allows us to manage your systems and keep them performing as intended.

  • Free Surveys and Quotations

  • British Standards Compliant Design

  • Quality Installation of Systems

  • Commissioning of Emergency Lighting

  • Service and maintenance throughout the life of the product


Faulty Lights Detected 84%
Non-Compliances 92%
Maintenance Fixes 100%


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Emergency light fittings are only one part of your complete fire safety arsenal. AFSS are fire safety professionals who can assist your business in all aspects of fire safety, and can keep you safe, legal, and compliant.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms are often the core of business fire safety. It makes sense to use experts like AFSS.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers have an important role to play, but must be sited and used correctly. AFSS Can help.

Disabled Refuge

Your business may be legally required to provide disabled refuge systems if not on the ground floor.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is the law, and your responsibility. Make sure you have the facts from the experts.

Nurse Call

An essential part of any care home or assisted living scheme. Find out how we can help.


Applied Fire and Security – AFSS – pass on all warranties where provided by our manufacturers. We guarantee our installations against faults in workmanship, and we are confident enough in that to provide a full year of free maintenance cover with every new fire alarm or other system. We do this over and above to demonstrate our commitment to the safety of your business, your staff, and you. We never forget we are people first.


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08453 884711


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08453 884711


08453 884711


8:00am – 5:00pm