Smart Business is Energy Saving, Industrial Strength

AFSS Smart Business Energy Saving

Smart Business begins with Understanding Your Processes

Smart Business using Smart Lighting, Power and Heating. Saving energy, cost, and letting your building manage itself better. 

Smart “devices” are not just for the home. We can deploy business class smart systems which will transform the energy your business uses. It can be greener, save money, and best of all, stay out of your way, just “doing”.

We aim to become a long term smart business partner, providing a long term gain and a long term association.

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Smart Lighting

Energy Automation is not just about so-called “smart” lighting, though it certainly has a part to play. Over 40% of a typical commercial energy bill is down to lighting in Winter. 

Our range of energy automation solutions can be as simple as time clocks or as intelligent as occupancy and voice sensors.

Smart Power

Imagine machines turning themselves off when not needed. Imagine them turning themselves on again in time to warm up ready for a shift.

Smart Power can be set up in many ways and is applicable to almost the entire commercial world.

Smart Heating

Smart heating, part of our energy automation range, is more than just turning heating on and off. Its about controlling heating in a way that your staff are warm when they need to be, comfortably at the right temperature, and the building doesn’t waste heat when it is not needed

Smart Control

Energy automation control is key to the savings that can be made. Our state of the art hubs, coupled with easy to use interfaces for computer or mobile phone mean there’s no need to be on site to adjust energy use.

Anywhere you have a mobile signal, you have energy automation control.

Smart Saving

The more AFSS Ltd can provide in energy automation, the more a business can potentially save. 

Samrt energy automation is about return on investment and savings as quickly as possible. We typically save 30-40% on energy bills.

Other Energy Automations

Of course, not all energy automation has to be “smart”. We offer a wide range of LED lighting services, efficient electric heating, and more – from timeclocks to relays, we can automate your business.

Smart Light, Power, and Heating for Business.

Smart business is the future, now. Take full control over your business lighting, power and heating – save cost, make your premises inviting, and work in a greener environment.

Not just about smart lighting, when you reduce energy use with smart power and heating too, your business will see the differences. Warmth when needed, equipment on when needed, off when it isn’t. All automatically.

Make your business a smart business today with AFSS Ltd. We can offer a free assessment and plenty of expert advice to ensure you get the best from any investment in smart control.

AFSS Ltd have been around over ten years thanks to partnerships with leading brands in the industry, and the backing of our Group, which enables us to scale from the smallest to the largest challenge effortlessly on your behalf.

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Where AFSS Ltd provides Smart Business Services

Our smart business services, including Smart Lighting, Smart Power and Heating, are available across East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London and Kent at present.

We are always expanding and can look after multi-site national customers too.