AV Integration Systems from AFSS


AFSS can offer AV integration media distribution systems which are easily installed with little mess and no fuss. Our range of systems are easily adaptable, scalable, and work with your existing technology to produce the system you want.

We can design and build media walls from 2×2 up to 65,000 screens with up to 4k resolution. We can also build them in any combination up to this size, to fit your needs and requirements.

We offer the functionality to add messaging whether your configuration is video wall or distributed screens – and we can push any licenced content to any screen in any combination using specialist matrix technology. Our systems all run on CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable, or can if required run over HDMI too.

For distributed content we can extract audio to a separate system, allowing for limitless configuration of video versus audio.

AV Integration Media Distribution Systems | AFSS

AFSS AV Integration media distribution systems use a wealth of clever technology to ensure the highest quality, the lowest equipment count, and the simplest cabling systems – gone are the days of highly structured cabling systems, rooms full of racks, and complex control requirements.  While we can integrate fully with other equipment such as Crestron, Control4, AMX, URC, Savant, Elan and NetStream, for example, all of our systems are designed to be self-contained, and no external equipment is normally required. We can however integrate legacy equipment to ensure the best value upgrades within your budget.

Leveraging this technology, we can also enhance your systems using our updates system, adding new features and functionality without changing hardware.

We will always listen to your requirements to advise of the best solutions to your media distribution requirements, and we will choose the very best solution from our extensive range of media distribution systems based on your budget, the functionality you require, future scalability, and quality of delivery.

Installation of new projects is normally a multi-stage project, once design has been established. Our team will initially visit to install the cable structure, data points and racks required. When you’re ready for us, we return with the equipment for the project, taking time to install this into the racks, fitting display screens, and setting your system up. We take careful notes and document every aspect of what we do so that future fault diagnosis is easy, and so we can advise at any point on how best your system can be upgraded, altered, or reconfigured. We can in many cases “dial in” to your media distribution system to effect changes remotely too – though this always requires your permission at the time.

Maintenance of Media Distribution systems is also carried out by ourselves – we can access most manufacturers for direct replacement parts, or nearest alternatives to match specification and requirement. Whatever the size and scope, we can provide maintenance to suit.

Contact AFSS today about media distribution systems on 08453 884711 or from mobiles on 03330 884711 – you can also use our contact forms throughout the site too. We’re ready to help.