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CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems today are far more than a simple camera on a pole, linked to a video monitor. We have come a long way from the days of grainy images flickering away on “You’ve been Framed” – you remember, where everything was really jerky, and being honest, not much could be taken as fact.

That’s a key thing for any CCTV systems being used for the recording of evidence. Fact. For data recovered, it must meet the requirements of, among other things, the newly revised and issued “Code of Practice for Surveillance cameras and personal Information” – snappy, huh?

For most of us, this is what used to be (and still, technically, is) the Information Commissioner and the Data Protection Act.  In fact, the vast majority of CCTV falls under the requirements of Data Protection.

While that is probably as clear as… an old CCTV image to most, fortunately AFSS are on hand to ensure that your CCTV Systems are legal, compliant, and meet your needs.

CCTV Systems Installers in Sussex, London, Surrey, Kent, UK | AFSS

CCTV Systems Design and Installation

AFSS design and install all CCTV systems from a “fit for purpose” point of view, meaning that while we may not always be the cheapest CCTV provider, we will always be the best.

What we mean by “fit for purpose” is that every system we install or maintain will, among other things:

  • Meet Data Protection Standards and compliance
  • Produce the images you expect to see at the quality you expect
  • Produce evidential quality video of incidents, remain reliable and effective over its lifetime
  • Be suited to the conditions and environment of operation whether internal or external
  • Will use the correct technologies to provide the best results within budget

All CCTV systems installed by us are individually designed based on a number of criteria set out during an initial free survey and consultation.

The criteria we use include:

  • System purpose
  • What you expect to see
  • Environmental factors
  • Budget and functionality

This results in AFSS specifying the most appropriate CCTV Systems to meet your needs, while complying with all regulations and requirements.

AFSS can select from the latest IP technology cameras as well as other technology and we can supply and work with covert cameras as well. A number of wiring technologies ensure you remain as future proofed as possible, and every CCTV system we sell is “internet” enabled to allow remote secure viewing, either in the office, at home, or via smart phone anywhere you have a signal in the world.

CCTV Systems Maintenance in Sussex, Surrey, London | AFSS

CCTV Systems Maintenance

Maintenance is essential for the efficiency and correct operation of all CCTV systems. With AFSS 360 Plan Maintenance, our maintenance teams will take care of cleaning cameras, ensuring images are sharp and clear, and transmitting properly. We’re only ever a call away too, should something go wrong.

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AFSS Ltd operate from our Head Office in Brighton and regional offices in Croydon with service and sales locations serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, The South West, and the West Midlands allowing us to reach customers across a vast area quickly. We offer fast response, and qualified response to ensure our staff are in the right places at the right times, crucially with the right parts and skills to complete the work you need us to.

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