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Disabled Refuge Systems

Disabled refuge areas have to be legally provided in any building which has more than one floor and no accessible means of escape from that floor. For safety, a means of communication should also be provided in the form of a Disabled refuge or EVC (Emergency Voice Communication) System.

AFSS Ltd design, install, and maintain Disabled Refuge EVC systems in full compliance with British Standard 5839-9. This means that you can fully rely on communication in the event of any issue affecting power in your building, thanks to a rechargeable battery back-up built in to every system we provide.

Disabled Refuge Systems provide two way communication between the refuge and a central point which the Fire Service can access during any evacuation situation. Systems are always distinguished by green coloured stations in the refuge area, and by a central control point with a red telephone handset.

Disabled Refuge EVC | AFSS Ltd

Refuge Systems to meet your Requirements

At AFSS Ltd, we can choose a design for budget and function from a wide range of manufacturers including C-Tec and Cooper Fire Safety.

We are experienced and capable of design, installation, repair, and maintenance of any Disabled Refuge EVC system in the UK today, whoever installed it, and whoever manufactured it, however long ago it was fitted.

Typically, these systems are installed as part of a wider fire safety scheme designed to work as a whole, and in conjunction with other systems and equipment, and should be wired using fire retardant cable.

The use of the EVC system is intended to reduce fear and panic in less able people, to allow responders time to formulate a best approach to escape and to remain in contact with those to be assisted.

Disabled Refuge Systems Maintenance

With the experience AFSS Ltd has in fire safety, maintenance of Disabled Refuge Systems is at the core of what we can do. We can integrate this into AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan which also covers other aspects of fire safety and security systems, fully tailored to your precise requirements.

Our maintenance plan can be configured to cover any aspect of your fire safety, security, or electrical systems and is great value for money when you consider that it starts at only £19.99 plus VAT per month paid by Direct Debit.

To talk to us more simply call us on 08453 884711, or from mobile on 03330 884711. Alternatively use the contact buttons across the site. We are always happy to offer advice and a free quotation reflecting your Disabled Refuge system needs.

Contact your Expert Disabled Refuge and EVC Systems Team

AFSS Ltd operate from our Head Office in Brighton and regional offices in Croydon with service and sales locations serving East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent, The South West, and the West Midlands allowing us to reach customers across a vast area quickly. We offer fast response, and qualified response to ensure our staff are in the right places at the right times, crucially with the right parts and skills to complete the work you need us to.

Contact AFSS now using our easy forms on site or give our friendly team a call about Disabled Refuge Systems on either 08453 884711 or on 03330 884711 if you’re calling from a mobile.


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