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Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systems are generally designed to allow entry into apartment blocks, flats, and wherever there is a secure door or gate remote from the main occupancy. Closely related to access control systems, these can often be integrated, providing a solution for resident and visitors alike.

There are two typical distinctions – the basic level of system is audio only, using a similar principle to a telephone.  A button is pressed at the entrance panel, alerting people to the presence of a visitor and an audio link is established, allowing identity to be confirmed prior to authorising access.

The better system is a video entry system. By using a small camera within the entrance panel, visitors can also be visually identified, allowing a greater level of security. Today’s video based door entry systems do not cost a great deal more than audio only systems.

More recently, wireless technology means that door entry can be much more flexible too, offering fixed entrance panels at each point of entry, with mobile receiving terminals, allowing staff, for example, to monitor doors while moving about the building.

Door Entry Systems Installers | AFSS

Door Entry Systems Installation

We can choose from a vast range of capable door entry systems equipment, which can be expanded and configured to work with as little as one door and one remote point, or across multiple doors, sites, and with many remote points. Using various technologies, systems can include video, audio, and monitoring by other systems such as intruder alarms.  High quality results can be achieved using flexible cable systems or wireless technology, meaning that devices can be moved or reconfigured easily in future.

Installation can be carried out in such a way as to work with tenants in multiple dwellings, allowing functionality of the system even before all the handsets are connected. Working this way returns the benefits far quicker than in traditionally installed systems.

Where we install communal area systems, we always ensure we use the most stringent and capable cable containment systems, rendering vandalism unlikely, if that’s an issue.

Door Entry Systems Service and Maintenance | AFSS

Door Entry Systems Maintenance

AFSS can maintain a vast range of wired and newer wireless door entry systems, irrespective of the original installer. We have links to the majority of quality manufacturers, ensuring we can obtain required parts, whether your system is BPT Door Entry Systems, Bitron, Bell, or any others.

AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan provides periodic inspection, as well as the ability to call us out should things go wrong. We’re only ever a call away.

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