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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting for escape is a fundamental part of many fire safety measures. Providing a means of lighting escape routes after power fails or when the way out is not clear can quite literally save lives, and will certainly speed up exit time, saving injury along the way. Working in conjunction with a properly executed fire safety plan, including fire safety signs, a well-designed scheme can cut down time to exit a building by a considerable amount, and can contribute to saving life.

Current fittings are not limited to the ugly bulkhead style fittings common in many commercial properties, but can be designed using a modern range of discrete LED type downlight emergency lights and architectural fittings, which remain almost invisible until needed.

The older emergency bulkhead lighting type fitting can easily be retro-fitted with modern LED technology, resulting in better light output and much longer life, as well as lower overall running costs at very reasonable cost, while remaining suitable for use externally.

Today’s emergency lighting systems can blend in with almost any architectural design to suit your particular requirements, while still complying with current emergency lighting regulations.

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Emergency Lights Requirements

Increasingly, commercial lighting schemes are computer controlled, making use of a number of factors to adjust and control lighting for both effect and cost. In turn they provide constant lighting levels without massive overheads in energy use.

We can design and implement this kind of solution too, using equipment from manufacturers such as JCC Lighting, Cooper, and Lutron, and we offer a maintenance service to ensure the system continues to deliver long after installation, throughout the life of your system.

Whichever type of lighting solution is selected, the emergency lighting element of it must comply with British Standard 5266-1 which provides the requirements for design, light output, operational characteristics and maintenance.

AFSS Ltd always work in accordance with British Standards to ensure not only consistency and accuracy, but also to ensure you get the correct system, and the very best value possible.

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Emergency Lighting Testing and Maintenance

Maintenance is a requirement for compliance with fire safety legislation and for compliance with the British Standard. AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan can include emergency lighting and will take care of inspection visits twice per year, asset audit and certification, and provide the reassurance of support when it is needed. Our service includes the cleaning of fitting lenses, and a report on exit lighting and safety signage relevant to escape.

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