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Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are among the most familiar of firefighting devices available anywhere. This is with good reason as proper use of the correct fire extinguisher types can put out a small fire very quickly, and avert what could otherwise be a disaster.

All fire extinguishers should comply with British and European Standards (which are BS5306 and EN3 respectively) and should be kite marked too.  All units supplied and installed by AFSS always are, and carry a full three years warranty. Part of the UK standards covers colour coding to identify what is inside the extinguisher, and all the units we supply are properly colour coded, and are supplied with the correct fire extinguisher signs.

We will always assess a site to identify what is needed, whether a 9Ltr Water fire extinguisher is appropriate, or perhaps a 5Kg CO2 fire extinguisher.  Each one is chosen for a specific risk of fire, and the media within it is chosen to respond to that threat. Each type of extinguisher does a slightly different job.

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Fire Extinguishers Types

Companies such as AFSS take care to recommend, supply and commission only BS Kite Marked fire extinguishers. We ensure each has the correct media for likely purpose and can fight the widest range of possible outbreaks. Often, this means extinguisher “stations” where you’ll find one or two different types together.

It is imperative that the correct extinguisher is used to fight a given type of fire, and because of this we recommend and offer Fire Safety Training, which will teach your staff which unit to use, and how to use it correctly. This is a legal requirement where extinguishers are fitted in commercial premises, and staff must be trained in correct identification and use of them.

We will rarely recommend dry powder type extinguishers any longer for a number of reasons, including the fact that powder can compact in the bottom of the unit, without indication, meaning it will not discharge when needed (maintenance will identify this, however), the mess an accidental discharge can make, and most importantly that better extinguishing media is generally available.

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Fire Extinguishers Servicing

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance is absolutely essential for fire extinguishers for several reasons. It verifies the correct media is in the unit, that it hasn’t been tampered with, and can ensure that as well as moving parts functioning properly, any gas pressurisation is also correct, and that the unit is not discharged, or incapable of actuating when needed.

In short, fire extinguisher servicing (a requirement of compliance with the British Standard) will ensure your units will work when needed. AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan can provide cover for all your extinguishers, and for other fire safety and security systems too.

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