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Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems form the heart of security in most commercial buildings, however large or small. The reassurance a reliable intruder alarm can provide is still unmatched by any other type of system.

Offering the very latest in both wired and wire free technology, AFSS Security can design and install a burglar alarm that will provide an effective defence against criminality in a reliable and efficient way with intruder alarm technology that today provides for a variety of business needs.

We can offer a wide range of devices, each designed to work with a particular threat, which will blend in with décor and finish, meaning that no redecoration or refurbishment will be needed, especially with wireless intruder alarms.

Your intruder alarm system will be designed and installed to be compliant with the latest British Standards, and will be easy to use, reliable, and will cost a lot less than you’d perhaps think.

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Burglar Alarm Systems with Business Performance

Our range of alarm systems is infinitely adaptable, and they can be implemented in wired, wireless, or hybrid formats as needed, and our range of control panels can also provide innovative control of other services too, such as lighting, heating, and can be set remotely either over the net, or by phone if required.

Linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre, you can always be assured of a verified, professional response, whether you opt for an alarm system which alerts your phone, summons emergency service, or directs to a key holding service.

Operation of even the most complex of intruder alarm system designs is now very easy too, with a range of fobs and tags which are capable of eliminating the need to remember PIN codes, or complex sequences of key presses.

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Intruder Alarm Maintenance

AFSS Security have close relationships with premier manufacturers such as Texecom and Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarms and extensive experience with almost all current makes of intruder alarm on the market today.

For our business and commercial customers, AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan provides maintenance for your alarm, as well as for your other security systems if installed. AFSS Security can maintain to British Standard any intruder alarm system on the market.

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