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Nurse Call System and Warden Call Expertise

The provision of a dedicated Warden or Nurse Call system in residential care homes can offer residents the feeling of independence, while knowing assistance is only a button press away.

For managers, the benefits of freeing staff to do other task without the worry of missing a request for help can improve efficiency many fold.  Depending upon the degree of care required, your nurse call system can be figured to be reset either centrally or “in the room” where needed.

This advantage, coupled with high quality wired or wireless equipment allow very small and very large systems to be rapidly implemented within any residential care environment, and offer the ability to grow and adapt at any time as flexibility also is a key feature of wireless nurse call systems especially.

Nurse Call Installers | AFSS Ltd

Quality Nurse Call System – Reliable Performance

AFSS Fire can specify the best solution for a specific requirement from a wide range of wired or wire free systems to ensure you get the functionality your residents need at the budget you have available for any project, whether new, existing, or being upgraded.

Flexibility in siting of response displays, reset points, and in options for each room has never been greater, and where more mobile residents may feel comfortable with a wire free pendant, knowing it will summon assistance when needed, those less capable can use a traditional bed push button, wall mounted call points, or fall alert points too, if stability is the issue.

Nurse Call Maintenance | AFSS Ltd

Nurse Call System Maintenance

Routine maintenance is invaluable for ensuring your Warden or Nurse Call system continues to operate properly, and can include for routine battery changes too in wireless systems.

Our AFSS 360 Maintenance Plan tests every part of the system in an unobtrusive way, either as part of multi-disciplined maintenance visits, which include fire alarm, emergency lighting, or other maintenance and testing or as a standalone service.

Typically, we will visit wireless systems up to four times a year to ensure proper operation, whereas wired systems may only need two visits.

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